Friday, December 24, 2010

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Well I just came back and I am going on another trip. I am visiting my cousins on the 25th. :) I love them. I will be leaving later tonight and I will be staying there for about a week (till new years eve I think). There internet acsess is basically non-existint. I will be on twitter and trying to post, but I don't know if I can. See you next year!

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The relationship between, money, crowns, and worlds

It has been a while now hasn't it. But with patience I give you knowledge. A friend of mine was asking how much crowns each world was. So I found a place that he could look that up. But then he wanted to know how much each world was in REAL money. We couldn't find anything that had it so I decided to make up my own.

So, based on the wizard 101 website each of the world has different crown values. Lets see what they are.

Wizard city: 3,000 to unlock the whole world

Krockotopia: 11,895 to unlock the world

Marlybone: 12,000 to unlock the world

Mooshu: 10,800 to unlock the world

Dragonspyre: 10,800 to unlock the world

Grizzleheim: 9,975 to unlock the world

Celestia:10,170 to unlock the world

Overall: 68640 crowns

So that is how much crowns each world cost. But we all knew that. Now how do we translate that into real money value. That depends on if you are buying gift cards or in bulk.

Now all of the gift cards are 500 crowns per dollar, as is anything under $20 on the wizard 101 website. $25 is 550 crowns per dollar; $50 is 600; and $80 is 750.

From this we can tell what combination of real money add up to which world, and/or the whole game. SO, if you were just buying crowns from gift cards the worlds will come to this:

Wizard city: 3,000 (I put in extra)

Krockotopia: $20 and1,895 extra crowns you need to buy

Marlybone: $20 and 2,000 extra crowns you need to buy

Mooshu: $20 and 800 extra crowns you need to buy

Dragonspyre: $20 and 800 extra crowns you need to buy

Grizzleheim: $20 and 25 crowns left over after world

Celestia: $20 and 170 extra crowns you need to buy

Extra (that comes from the other worlds): 8665 crowns = $20 with 1335 left over

Overall: $140 and 1360 crowns left over

So each world cost about $20 but the extra is going to force you to buy more gift cards. Now if we buy the crowns in the more economical way, you will get this:

Overall: $80 and 2 $10 with 1360 crowns left over

This is smaller because it is BETTER to buy the crowns all at once then to buy gift cards. So, what have we learned?

Well, we now know that to get your bang for your buck you buy in bulk. And, that each world is about $20 (not WC). Marlybone is the most expensive world. How much each world cost in gift cards. $100 is much better to pay than $140.

If you have any questions or any ways to help OR just a comment on this just...comment.

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword