Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So, if you couldn't tell by the name of this post I finally got Jacob Thundersword to grandmaster status. It would be a bigger deal if they didn't raise the level cap a few months ago but still. YOu know how much I don't like pictures, but here you go.

YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! If you couldn't tell I am happy. Now for the story of how I got there from this morning.

Since I had a early day at school I decided to play wizard101. I got on and asked Arlen Dawneyes for some help with the Labyrinth. We finished and he got a wand that he wanted on the first try, but neither of us got any pets. :(

So, I went and worked on the crystal grove. It is very easy, the feel of it is gloomy, but not eerie. In short I liked the place. I worked on the side quests whenever I had the chance. The one where you have to go into the diffrent places looking for the dudes pet. It's easy if you use the trick of going to a crowns shop house to get out of fights.

One thing lead to another and i found I have been playing for a few hours. I looked down at my progress bar and I was so close to leveling up. I counted how many more quests it would be till I gain the final level to grandmaster. and before you know it...


Grandmaster accomplished. I am so thankful for everyone that has helped me get this far. Especially Arlen Dawneyes. He has helped me whenever I asked (almost) and he is one of my best wizard friends. It took a long time for me to get this far, then again I took breaks months at a time so...

My next goals are to get up to Malistaire and then farm for my grand gear. It might take a while. I have a lot to blog about but I am limiting myself to one post a day. Tomorrows post is going to be about a party...

Video of the post here!

See you in the spiral,
Jacob Thundersword
-The Gobblitertor

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey all you wizards! As you know today is February 14th that means it is Valentine's Day. I must admit I used to dislike this holiday in past years, but now that I have 'grown up' I feel that it is a day to be celebrated and respected. Now for some history that I know on the subject of February 14th.

It is tradition to read “The Parliament of Fowls” by Geoffrey Chaucer. The 14th-century poem was inspired by the romance between Richard II and Anne of Bohemia. In it, Chaucer declared May 3 — the couple’s engagement date — an official day for lovers; the date also happened to honor St. Valentine. In 1400, Queen Isabel of France reportedly changed this day honoring lovers to February 14.

According to legend, the holiday is in honor of a Catholic priest named Valentine who was put to death in the 3rd century for defying the Roman emperor’s ban on performing marriages for soldiers. Before he died, Valentine supposedly smuggled a love letter to his jailer’s daughter, with whom he’d fallen in love. The letter read, 'From your Valentine'. This is where the tradition came from.

On the beginning of Valentine’s Day, it is tradition to display the name of your love on your sleeve for a week. The expression comes from the Middle Ages, when this tradition was practiced.

Now how people celebrate , traditionally, in different country's.

Exchange candy on February 14 to be like a girl in Korea. Only the girls give candy — young men confess their love on March 14, known as “white day.”

Exchange gifts with you significant other is the custom in Spain. Husbands send beautiful bouquets of roses to their wives.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day twice in Japan. Like in Korea, women give gifts to their loved one on February 14. Men pamper the ladies on March 14.

Hope your Valentines Day is and will be as good as mine, and today was a good day so... Maybe you could try some of these traditions next year. I know I will. ;)

And now for something completely different.....

If you got both of those references thumbs up.

Anyway, I have been gone due to life and such. But I have finished applying to all of the schools I wanted to apply to so that is good. I hope to get back into the spiral so I can actually play. I swear I haven't actually played in about a month. Darn you life!!! Oh yha, I made a apple pie today for my friends and I...They loved it, I love cooking so much.

I promise that when I do play, even for one hour I will make a post stating what I have done in that time.

See you in the spiral,
Jacob Thundersword
-The Gobblitertor

Edit: I forgot the video of the post. Here it is......Here.