Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's Try This Again...CONTEST!!

Well as some of you may know I hosted a contest waaaaaay back. That contest crashed and burned because A: I hosted it to early in my blogging career, and B: The prizes went good, and C: It was just a bad contest.

I am holding a new contest where I will give out prizes to 3 different people. The reason for this contest is because I now have 50 followers on Twitter and I almost have 15 followers on my blog. I also almost have 1,000 views on my blog!!! So that is why.

The prizes are!!!!!!
1) Any thing in the crowns shop for 5000 crowns or anything of equal of lesser value
2) The beast master set, or anything of equal of lesser value
3) Some treasure cards that I have

(The first two sound like a commercial, with the equal or lesser value thing, lol)

You all know how hard it is for me to get crowns so don't complain about the prizes. And for the third prize some may be good some maybe not so perfect. I can tell you a hydra is in there! I gave away my scarecrow to a good friend a week or two ago so sorry.

In order to enter you must do two things
A) Follow my blog, me on twitter, or both
B) Comment on this post, or email me

Contacts are as follows: and @JThundersword

I WILL BE CHECKING, so don't just try and comment or just email. Leave a way to contact you if you leave a comment. If you followed me on twitter I will "DM" you. We will set up times to meet in-game. PLEASE leave your wizard name in the comment or email!!!

Contest will end on the 4th. Be sure to tell others!

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

P.S. the word of the day was...Follow
B.T.W. check out this website that Kingsisle put up of people without Ipods

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Bit Late To The Party

It seems like I have started every post like this but, I am sorry that I haven't been posting for a while. I have rarely have time to play in the spiral, and if I do get time I can't do quests because I am out of crowns. Well as i have stated in my last post I will make a post about a new card...A gift card. This is being called the "double wide card" it is selling at $39 and is going out on the first of next month at Gamestop.

I know that others have done post about the new one but I will try to go into detail about what I think about it. So if you don't know already check this out, or this.

What it comes with:

1 Month Subscription at $9.95 or 5000 Crowns
Fantasy Palace Castle
Additional Castle Space Elixir*
Minigame Kiosk Housing Item
Gryphon Mount
Ancient Spear of Power
Epic Clothing Set
Mystery Dueling Pet
*If you already have three houses on your character, you must claim this elixir before you claim the Castle!

I have gone into the house it comes with and let me tell you it is HUGE! With lots of secret passageways. Four I think. If you want to know what it looks like just look at this video made by TFN!

I had some pictures of it but a video is better and you all know how much I dislike pictures in my posts. So that is what the house looks like. I also have seen Stephen Spiritcaller on his gryphon mount. Let me tell you, it looks awesome.

The clothing set is OK as far as I know. I haven't seen all of the stats of all of the sets but as far as I can tell they are really nice because each piece comes with a card.

The dueling pet is a FIERCE HOUND! You can find some stats here. It is a nice death pet that I WANT! It has death-shot and spritely! Let me just say I need it.

Then you just get the normal $10 gift card value of 5000 crowns or a months subscription.

Now for what I think of it:

The question is, Is all of this worth my $40. I am a kid and I want it but should I spend my hard earned money on a gift card?

Well we know that 5000 crowns on a gift card is $10 so we have 10 to 40. Not the best. The house with pvp ring and mini-game in your house. I would st that at a value of $20. 30 to 40, looking good but what else is there?

The NEW mount would be at a value $10 I think. so we have $40 vs $40. We still have...the staff, the clothing set that you can pick yourself, AND a NICE pet that you can get. I would say that tally's at....$70 to $40.

So it is worth it! You get what I would say $30 FREE!

Now that I have proven that it is a good deal I think that I will take it! That's right I am going to buy the New gift card when it comes out. So I can do some more questing and have a new house and A new pet!

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Everything

I have made a new header! It has my new gear because my first one had my Marlybone gear. I think it looks quite nice. Tell me what you think of it in the comments. As you also may have noticed as you loaded this page, I have a new template. I was thinking the diffrent colors will atract more people to come and read my blog. But I am not sure if this is the best design. I wanted somthing that was necromancer like, but still colorful. Tell me what you thing in the comments. I will try to post more often now. I still have a lot of homework but not ass much so more time to be in the spiral. I am trying to post every other day, if not each day. Expect another post tomorrow about a special card.

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

My Picture Is Here!!!

Well the fine folks A2Z (Ambrose 2 Zeke) have made my picture. I love it so much I decided to make a blog post of it right away.
I LOVE IT!!!! The only down side is that I am in my Mooshu gear. I STILL LOVE IT!!!!! By the way, if you haven't entered part two of the contest they have made you should right now. I entered so I will have a better chance at the final 7th secret challenge. By the way my wizard's hair looks JUST like that. Good job! I am changing almost every account that I have on anything to that picture.

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Woot Celestia!!! (and other things)

Well we all know that Celestia is in the test realm. If this is the first time you have herd of this you MUST of been in well, not paying attention. The sign is there when you long in to the plain old live realm. I could go on and on about how cool Celestia is, but I don't know. I can't get into the test realm, I haven't bought crowns in about a month. Of more than that because then i would of been able to get in. The point is that I can't tell you how being under water feels.

I can however show you the new spells that Kingsisle put out. Not only that I can show you.

Thank you to for that video. Here is the stats of all of them. I suggest you turn your volume down.

Isn't that just great. I am a bit bummed that death didn't get a one time hitter. But a DOT spell can always come in handy.
Poll results
It is a three way tie between, Lion, Lioness, and Tiger. So I don't want to do another poll so I will ask my sister which one I should get. *runs to other room* *runs back* Well she said tiger. So, TIGER IT IS!

I will use my tiger at party's and such and my wings for day to day use.
I have been farming the Halloween tower lately. I got the balance and fire short-blade thingy (athem or something like it). But today I got..
It is a good crowns item. I wont use it on Jacob. But i will give it to one of my alts. Storm If I ever make one. I have a fire and balance alt right now. My fire is in KT right now! Woot!
I will be getting a new header for the blog and a new template this week. Once I put them out tell me if you like them.
Have fun in the spiral my friends!!!

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

P.S. My moms birthday is tomorrow. Say happy birthday to her! She love it when it's on Friday the 13th.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Poll Closed...Spiders?

The poll for me getting a house or mount has closed. You guys have decided that I should get a mount! I voted for it too. :p Now that new poll is.....Which One? I want them to come up with a spider mount. Wouldn't that be SO cool?! A black widow or a brown spider. I would buy that on the spot.

Speaking of brown spiders I have one in wizards. I hatched with this person who has one and I got it. She has nice stats too. Look at this.... or at least a nice spell. I found out who I am going to be for Halloween...him.


I am to short to be him. I am like...4' 10"

Lol, it's because my cousin wants me to be him. Plus he is awesome, and his name is my nickname. I have the wig, my mom is making the coat and I am getting a friend to weld the weapons (chakrams). Crazy man, crazy.

Back to wizards. I missed all of the birthday parties that have been happening. :( To bad I really wanted to go. I could of meet a LOT of famous, and not so famous cool people.

I have not been playing much because I am out of crowns, so no quest completed. I have had a LOT of homework so I only played for about one day this week. But this week I have three half days, and a four day weekend. Lot's of playing time.

I have however found out a few days ago I have won the first "Ambrose 2 Zeke Champions" contest. I got a code for a remarkable reagents packet and I get a drawing of my wizard. Go check it out! Thank you so much guys! They said the more I enter the more of a chance I will have of winning the "major" contest. I already entered for #2 I am now the GOBBLITERATOR!

That's all for now!

The gobbliterator
-Jacob Thundersword