Monday, September 27, 2010

I Am Back!

I finished all of my homework surprisingly. I now have to bind it all into a book. As I said to Arlen Dawneyes "I have done enough homework to fill a book. A BOOK!" I fell accomplished now. I am now in a math "block" so we do a LOT of math. I love math. Today we talked about pi. I knew much more then the other kids.(sorry but it's true) I also found out what high school I want to go to, It's a while till then but I am still exited of it. Like freaking out exited. Anyway onto Jacob Thundersword!
I have finished unlocking all of the small towers in The Tower Archives and have now gotten to the main tower. Here is the picture of how you go into there.

Inside of the main tower I found....Zarathatx! FYI: he was the one helping you and giving you quests to do. He was a hard fight considering I didn't have help and he is balance and puts up spirit shields. I beat him and made my way to the Plaza Of Conquests (my new favorite place).
I went in and found four large statues of monsters and two of people.

I made it pass it I think. The "teacher" sent me to The Grand Chasm. I love the that place it is so beautiful in the past and present! That's right the past I have to go into the past. I help this guy hide it from the titan army then I ask for it in his ghost form and he attacks me. But then he remembers me and I get some tablet.

I go back to The Plaza Of Conquest to give my "teacher" the tablet and he sends me to the Necropolis. BUT, I was out of crowns so I am sad. I can't go any further in the quest-line now. Plus I am trying to save up so I won't get there for a while.

To other random news!

I have been farming Oyotomi for the weekend and on Saturday I had more then enough money to hatch. I went around with Lord Lexie but no one wanted to hatch. So I stitched to Sir Misty my ghost hound and EVERYBODY asked me to hatch. One person said and I quote "watch out for Jacob's pet because it is DANGER!! DANGER!"

Eventually I found this guy with a Jade oni named Wolf Sandsword. I hatched with him and he kept saying thank you to me. I went to the paint shop and found out I GOT A GHOST HOUND! I don't know if you can tell but I am happy.

I kept farming Oyotomi and I now have over one hundred thousand gold. I can now buy any school house or any mount (that you are able to buy in gold). This is why I love Kingsisle, I am out of crowns but I can still get great things. So vote on the poll at the top of the screen for what I should get: a house or mount.

Have you heard about this blog called "The Word From Stormthief". He is one of the best writers ever! Go check it out! The link is right there ------->

I got a new record for my biggest hit: 4776 I can get is a LOT higher. I only used some of my traps. And I got to level 47! One more level! I have a new outfit as well.
Don't forget this. That is it I think. So bye.

The smart and exited necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow, I Need To Get This Time Thing Down

Um, so this post is a bit late...again. WHY MUST TIME NOT LIKE ME!!!! *Ahem* Sorry for that outburst. I haven't posted in a while again. I have to write TWELVE pages on certain kings, queens and rulers of England/Scotland. This new school is taking a lot out of me. I also have to draw a PERFECT picture of; Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, King Charles, Guy Fawks, William of Orange, King James, London burning, the House of Parliament, and me. I also have to do a report on Norman Rockwell and a volcano in Mexico. Read 8 books and write reports about them, and read some book that isn't interesting for class. Oh, don't forget to do math, grammar, take notes, and to paint. I also have to sew, do gymnastics, and learn a new language, knit baby caps, sell tacos, be in mandatory clubs, sell pizza, and raise money to go to a different country.(This is all for school)Plus have time to eat and sleep. *Hits head on table*

*edit* found out I have more homework due this week, I will post on next Monday*edit*

So you can see why I don't have the time to post every other day. I will try do do my best on the posting things, but real life comes first. I love this blog and I wouldn't give it up, but I just need time to finish some stuff in real life. I go into a math block at my school on Monday so I will have time. Math is easy for me because I already took two high school courses ((not in high school yet)and got credit for them!) and passed them, and I love math! So, once I get all my history, art, Spanish and other random things done I will post more often.

Don't forget about this!

The procrastinating and smart teen named
-Jacob Thundersword