Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventure Time

Yesterday, I had quite a adventure in-game. As you know yesterday I was going to finish Katzenstein's lab with the help of Kyle Firesword and others who wanted to come. I waited 40 minutes and no one showed up. I know now that Kyle was busy in the test realm but I didn't know that then. I was sad so I decided to finish the lab myself.

I made it through the first half, opening the doors, by myself. Then while I was on one of my short trips to the commons for a health and mana fill up there was this level 28 fire wizard named Devin Soulmask who made friends with my wizard. I went beck to the lab starting to clear all of the chimneys when Devin Soulmask decided to port to me. We cleared all of the chimneys, then went to the 'real' lab to fight Dr. Von Katzenstein. I survived however my new friend didn't. He was a good help while he was there.

I did not fight the secret boss in the lab. Just saying. While I finished my quest Devin Soulmask convinced me that I should help him with his quest in Chelsea court. I did then logged off. I found a new(?) ramp there.

Later that day I got back on to decorate my house. My house was so full I decided I need to get a bigger one. I looked in the wizard city house shop but the two there one I had and the other was to big.

I then went to Krokotopia for there houses. The first one I think was to expensive. while trying to click the 'preview' button on screen to try and view the other one I accidentally clicked buy.

10,000 gold went away like that. I was so angry at myself for not checking before I clicked. That was most of my money. I had 2,000 gold left. I tried to sell it back but I could only sell it for 514 gold. I decided to make the best of it and make it my new home. It is bigger then my old one I told myself. I'll show you tomorrow if I remember.

I spent about 45 decorating. Then went to finish the one side quest I had. I finished that whole chain in about 15 minutes. I then went to further myself in the game by trying to complete Counterweight East.

I beat the first mob pretty easy by myself.

Then I went to the second mob. I took out one of them but I still died. I went to get health and mana and came back to the instance. I went to the floor where the second mob I wounded was. I stuck to the wall and I didn't have to fight them at all.
Glitch. I then pulled the third lever.

I went to the floor with the last lever. This mob was easy for me because I had a level 6 minion on my side. Whose secondary is storm.

I made it to the boss of that instance Sprockets. He was easy enough to beat. But that's not the best part. the best part was after I defeated him. I got the Rat magician first try.

I then went to beat the quest and that's when I leveled up to level 35. I then exited the game to watch Ravenwood Radio.

I went back to the game to start and finish Counterweight West. Before I even went it to the instance there was this grandmaster storm wizard named William asking if anyone needed help with Big Ben or counterweight east. I asked him if he could help with west, he said no then went to help someone else with east. But before he could do that I made him my friend because I friend nice people.

I made it halfway up the tower before William decided to come and help me. while in that tower his favorite spell was tempest. I defeated the people who had storm shields while he cleared the rest. It was fun.

He then wanted to help me with Big Ben. I agreed. We decided not to fight spike the crusher. In this tower he did most of the work. Storm Lord after Storm Lord After Triton. I was just finishing people off and sometimes healing William.

We joked around the whole way through. It was a lot of fun and he was really helpful.
He showed me where I could find the book and the cat. He also showed me some glitches that I will show you in just a moment.

We finally reached the top of the tower where there was four enemies. including Malistaire and Meowiarty.

I Put feint and a prism on the first enemy. Then William put a feint on Meowiarty. He used a powerful tempest to defeat the enemy on the right and wound the other two. I then finished of the left side while he finished Meowiarty.

Then he showed me a glitch in the middle of the room.

You kind of can't see it but I am 10 feet up in the air. Plus William is in the picture, only invisible. muwahahahahaha.

I went to beat that quest and I did. Then I talked to Zeke to finish his quest. then to the royal Gard guy who wanted the books.

I then went to Mooshu for my first visit.

Mooshu is really nice and peaceful. I especially like how the mini-games are around a table. I finished the first few quest were you walk around and talk. Just think of it last morning I was still in knights court now I'm in Mooshu

Bonus pictures:
He never walks but he moves.

-Jacob Thundersword

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So Many Things

There is so many topics I want to cover in this post I don't know where to start. Well the biggest piece of information is: TEST REALM IS LIVE WITH CELESTIAL PREQUESTS. So exited. well, First off the following things are only available in the test realm.
Updates to test realm are as follows(taken from the update notes page:

1.(For those of you who have completed the Final Countdown quest in Dragonspyre) These are the Preview Quests to Celestia. You will need to complete these quests before you can enter the world of Celestia, which will be available later this year. Talk to Halston Balestrom the storm professor.

2.Snorri Oysterbloom in Grizzleheim wants to speak with you, but only if you've completed the quest "I'm with the Band"!

3.Torald Wayfinder finally has a new set of recipes, bringing new Grizzleheim items for you to craft. But the really big news is that he was able to find a recipe for a Grizzleheim House! The crafted Grizzleheim house will be a definite challenge even for our Master Artisan Crafters.

4.There are now privacy options to only allow your Friends (but not their friends) to teleport to your home. Look for this in the Privacy Tab when you press ESC in the game.

5.The owner of a house can send guests away with the "Send Away" option. Just click on a Wizard in your Home and the Friends panel will appear, where you will see the option to "Send Away".

6.Grizzleheim housing is now available! Look for it in the Crowns Shop.

7. The prices for Hatching pets have been adjusted.

8. The process of pet Hatching now has a confirmation window to ensure both parties agree to the transaction.

9. All new level 48 quest reward pets will receive the Power Pip talent.

10. Life pets such as the EarthWalker will have life boosts, not Myth like some currently give.

11.Living in a lava filled world has had an effect on the residents of Dragonspyre.

1. the health of many creatures has decreased
2. the experience rewards have been increased
3. fewer creatures will need to be defeated to meet quest requirements
4. fewer items will need to be collected to meet quest requirements
5. several of the gauntlets have fewer rooms

12.When a player is stunned(in pvp), four Stun Shields will appear instead of one. Please note this is only a temporary solution while we investigate other ways to resolve the issue of chain stunning in the Arena.

13. A new Beastmaster Clothing Set is available in the Crowns Shop! It will increase your maximum Pet Energy!

14. Old Smokey has found a new place to hang out - look for him in the Ironworks.

15. Dusty Shadowcloud now offers more snacks for sale.

16. A new Pet Shopkeeper has arrived in Marleybone(by croaky in secret room)!

17.The Master of the Oasis badge will once again be rewarded for completing all the Krokotopia quests. Those who have previously completed all the quests will receive the badge right away.

18. White squares should no longer appear around a spell when it is cast.

19. Death Wizards will find their minions will cast more interesting spells.

20.The Gift Icon and notification will now only appear when a player logs in. If you change areas, the notification will disappear, and you must log out and back in to see the notification again.
End of test realm updates

Now onto Jacob Thundersword in game. I was disappointed at first because since I couldn't go into the test realm the last time it was open(I don't know why, I bought crowns about the week before) I assumed I couldn't get in this time. After watching Dustin Mooncatcher's Test realm video I was inspired(you can say) to try and get into the test realm.

I downloaded it and IT WORKED. I loged(is that spelled right?) on after a llllloooooooonnnnngggggg time of loading(witch still isn't done).

The first thing I did in the test realm since I can't do any of the new quests was buy swiftshowdow(is that spelled right?) wing and seraph wings to test drive them. I am liking the Swiftshowdow(is that spelled right?)wings because it looks as though my staff is a cane, and everybody knows canes are awesome-sauce.

Plus a little thing I did notice about the wings is that they rustled and made noise as you fly. And if you stand on a edge of a sidewalk with wings on you lean and stand wired(WITCH I DON'T LIKE. IT'S NOT COOL,IT'S ANNOYING)

Oh before I forget I have a suggestion for a update, more amount of wizards on one account. Ravenwood has seven primary schools right now but we can only have six wizards on one account. If this is supposed to be a way to make us lose money by making a new account to have ONE MORE wizard? Just one more please, so we can have each school.

I hope that's all I was going to tell you or else I have to wait till tomorrow. Wait, I found help for Katzenstein's lab, Kyle Firesword from The Sword Chronicles we are meeting at 1:30 central in realm Vampire area one if you would like to come. Thanks Kyle.

-Jacob Thundersword

Monday, June 28, 2010

Katzenstein's Lab help

I'm back. (How Manny times have I said that?) I'm really exited for the Katzenstein's Lab quest. I have never done it yet and I've heard you can get two pets(or more) from there. And I can finally battle a secret boss.

How ever, I don't want to go into that instance without help. And most of the people on my friends list aren't on. :( So can you, readers help? I would appreciate it. Just Email me ( if you would like to help me. I will hopefully have 3 others to help me.( I would rather you have free chat, not menu) Thanks for the help.

Goodbye said the exited wizard as he typed his name and clicked "Publish Post" once that was done he decided to.........
-Jacob Thundersword

Friday, June 25, 2010

Prioritizing And Weekends

First off, in game I have been trying to pass all of my side quests in Knight's Court. I have gotten down to just one more quest in the area with half the chain. That's all I did in game for two days, I am a bit slow when it comes to playing. But my greatest achievement yesterday was that I defeated a Scratcher(< spelled right?) in just two turns! That was crazy.

I have also decided that I will steer away from the Pet Pavilion Until I have completed Marlybone. I just want to focus on the plot and not get sucked into the crowns sucking, time wasting of a place we call, The Pet Pavilion. It's fun and all but I just don't have the time to level the pets I want so I don't like it as much as others do. The Pet Palilion is a thing for grandmasters and free players with nothing to do.

Now to the bad news. I won't be able to post anything this weekend. I have a busy schedule(< spelled right?) and I will be out of town. Sorry for that.
-Jacob Thundersword

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Of The day? Or Week?

I really would like to have a little thing on my blog every week or day about something like; pets, statues, boss, things like that. I want my blog to be unique and right now I am just not feeling as though its "unique". But I don't know what I should do and how often I should have it. Since this blog is for my readers I will let you people decide.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Myth Sprite And 10,000,000

First off, Kingsisle has reached 10,000,000 registered wizards since September 2008. And more are coming! In a act of kindness Kingsisle is giving everyone a party pack so they can welcome the #10,000,001 wizard in style. The party pack includes; a decorative banner, balloons, a festive party hat and a celebratory cake. To recive your party in a box just go to and enter in the code PARTYPACK. Thank you Kingsisle for letting us have this party with flare.

Now, thanks to the help of Amber Rosepetal and Arlen Dawneyes I have farmed a myth sprite. They helped me by telling me were to get the pets that I wanted. I got my myth sprite on the sixth try of farming.

Cool, OK pet for not that much farming. I have then been working on the blue banshee.
I have yet to conquer the dreaded Lord Nightshade in such a way that he gives me what I want. I hope that the banshee appears next time.

Monday, June 21, 2010


SUMMER SOLSTICE!!!!!!!! This is one of my favorite times. Winter solstice is my favorite time of the year, but summer is second. I totally forgot about it till three minutes ago. so go around your house saying, "Happy solstice". I will.
-Happy solstice, from Jacob Thundersword

Celestia Is Coming.........Spoiler Alert

Well, the new wold Celestia is coming closer to the wizards lives. First off there is a new animal in the Celestia wallpaper.
Robot Boy Is New
The new character is Robot Boy(or man, or girl, or woman). He looks like he is a giant scuba-diver. Next hint of Celestia is within Beckett Pokemon Magazine. This is part of what it says(Thanks To Willow Dreamer);
"After attaining the rank of Grand Master and defeating Malistaire, you are summoned to Ravenwood by Halston Balestrom, who explains that he has received a cryptic message on a strange device, the Resonating Omni-Audio-graph.

Balestrom asks for help decoding the message and sends you to Krokotopia to fina an ancient artifact that will help in the translation. Upon arrival, you discover that the item you need has been stolen, broken apart and scattered throughout the Spiral by a group of mysterious villains."

This is a great hint. That's all I have to tell you so, bye.
-Jacob Thundersword

Friday, June 18, 2010

What To Do?

Um, I can't really think of anything to tell you guys about. So......oh, I know. I want to farm some pets. The problem is I don't know where any new pets are. So, just leave a comment in this post telling me where pets are that are before Katzenstein's Lab.
-Jacob Thundersword

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Poll Malfunction

The poll about the wings became all glitchy so just post a comment about which wings I should get here.

I'm Back....Well Sorta

Well hello. I am back from a out of town trip that lasted five or six days. The downside to this trip was that I couldn't blog for almost a week, and even wizard 101. But at lest I am back and cant post things for you to help you understand the life of Jacob Thundersword. Before we do that I have to inform you about two things. One, I will not be bloging this weekend, it's another out of town trip. Sorry. Two, I have not played my character for about a week so there is really nothing to tell you, or is there......

Jacob Thundersword has finally made it to Katzenstein's Lab, With just two side quest from Knights Court. I will try to finish the side quests first then do the lab. That's about it form Mr. Thundersword.

Did you know that Ravenwood Radio was on yesterday? And that Wandcast 6 came out. Just telling you. That's it I guess.
-Jacob Thundersword

Monday, June 14, 2010


Due to things IRL I will not be able to post another post that will hold the information that you so despertly wan't till thursday. Sorry. I'm just so busy.
sorry Again.
-Jacob Thundersword

Friday, June 11, 2010

As It Turns Out

As it turns out, my party is later today so I can make a new post. But this is the last one until my weekend post OK. First off, I am now a level 33 necromancer. I finally finished all of the side quests in Newgate Prison. Then I got my new spell, doom and gloom.
Doom and gloom
I also got a new spell deck that holds 40 cards and 4 of each. On the topic of equipment I also got a dropped wand. It comes with on pip, and 5 card with 80 damage. The only problem is that it is a death wand.
New wand
I really want it. But it will mess up all of my traps if I do keep it. But is the pip worth it? oh well, I will just keep to my old wand and give that to my next wizard.

Next topic, have you seen trailers for The Last Airbender Movie? I have been waiting for that movie since January. I decided to watch the cartoon TV show of the movie: Avatar. I bought it on I-tunes and watched it. While watching it I notice that the fire princess Azula looks a lot like Yeva Spiderkeeper.
Yeva. they look kind of the same don't they?
-Jacob Thundersword

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sorry, Have A Party

Well as it turns out, there's a party happening this weekend. Hosted by Taji34 of Sorcerer's Corner. It is a welcome back party for Homework In A Graveyard. Here is the information:
Host: Taji34 of Sorcerer’s Corner
When: Saturday, June 12th, 2010, 8:00PM CST – 10:00PM CST
Where: Death Tower, Nightside,
Realm: Dworgyn, Area 1
Who’s invited: EVERYONE!
Best dressed contest
Pet Derby Tournament (Practice derby races)
Sunken city runs
Hatchery time
And many other things (to be determined during the party)

Come and show. I personally wont be able to make it due to things IRL. That leads me to my next part about this post. I wont be able to post anytime this weekend. I have to much going on this weekend. I might be able to squeeze in one post.

Guess what tomorrow is....MY BIRTHDAY. I am so exited. I'll tell you what happened on my weekend post or Monday post.
-Jacob Thundersword

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Questions and Reverse Favoritism

Well first off, MY BIRTH DAY IS ON FRIDAY! I'm so exited. I am guessing that my dad is going to get me crowns, and that means extra that I don't need. Plus I think he's going to get the one that has 10,000 on it. That means......MOUNT. Yep, I am thinking about getting a mount. I really want to get the new wings. The ones that look like black seraph wings. I cant remember what there called. Or, I was thinking about getting a 'Yugo' as Icywiz puts it. I know the price difference is much, but I really want wings. Even though this goes against my earlier post about not spending crowns, snacks really aren't that necessary you can level pets the old fashion way. but there is no way to boost speed for free. Do you no what, I am getting wings. Yep. I have been waiting for enough crowns to but them any way. Those is what I am getting.

I now have a least favorite part of Marlybone, Newgate Prison. the roads are fine. It's just that the prison itself is a pain to walk around. all of the ghost or ghouls take forever to walk around it once. They need to put a teleporter AT LEAST between the two prison towers. One before the whole thing might be better. I was trying to do some side quest I have missed and I was walking on the invisible sidewalk when they just decided to attack me. Plus they are death so the fights took longer. At least they don't put up life shields. Then almost at the end of the prison the group was going counter-clockwise but then turned around and started to go clockwise. Whatever, just some minor setbacks.
-Jacob Thundersword

Monday, June 7, 2010


As you may of noticed I have posted a link to the Petnome Project in the sidebar. The Petnome Project is a type of form for wizards like you to help other wizards with there pets. You just enter in the information of your pet and one of there talents. Then they take that information and turn it into info for everybody to use someday. Just telling you so all of you can contribute to the cause. You know, for the pets!
-Jacob Thundersword

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mega Snacks

Well it's time for mega snacks to finally hit the crown market. I personally wont get one due to the price on them. 2,500 crowns for some snacks. yes they are very powerful and I am tempted to get them. But no. Friendly bought one so I'll use his picture to show you how they look, like.
Friendly's Snack Pack
These snacks are very powerful like I have said. But since I am a crowns player who hasn't even beat the game, I try to save crowns as much as I can. That's all from me.
-Jacob Thundersword

Friday, June 4, 2010

Celestia, Snacks And Newly Found Things

Well as you might of heard Kingsile gave away another clue to what the world of Celestia might be like. That clue is actually 2 in one. Here is the new picture.
Celestia Update With Shark And Crab border=
The shark and the text on the bottom are the new parts. To me the shark is the coolest one there.

Anyway, enough of that lets get on to another expansion. Mega pet snacks have somewhat come to the spiral. Mega pet snacks are snacks bought from the crowns shop and have a major increase in you pet's experience, power and other stats. However Kingsile has said the haven't added it to the game yet.

Also, I found out that in game they added that if you go to your character's page and scroll over health, mana, powerpip chance, acaracy %, damage %, or risist % it shows you how those numbers came to be. like this.

Jacob Thundersword's Death Damage Breakdown border=
Jacob Thundersword's Health Breakdown border=
As you can see while scrolling over these two things you can see what gives you that 'skill'.
-Jacob Thundersword

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pet leveling, Unknown Powers, Pictures, And Waiting

Let's start off with sorry for not posting in a few days, also this is a long post so i hope you have time. I had some stuff to do IRL. With that out of the way I can now tell you that Sir Misty has finally become an adult. They grow up so fast.

look at that, Mana gift, a ultra-rare ability. Plus clear which could come in handy in the derby if I'm trying to get the stars. Just so you know clear move people in front of you out of your lane, I think.

Next topic on the list is...........Unknown powers. Well when I leveled Sir Misty I decided to take a screen shot of his stats as well. Well I did, and I also took shots of his friends in my backpack. (trust me, if I went to my bake to get all of the pets in there, it would of taken a long time)

Now as you can see my pets don't have the extremely good stats and abilities, well one of the dose and it isn't any of the ones above. I'll show you.

Plus it has a Dryad card. But the even better part of it was, I haven't played any games with Lord Lexie yet. So that means Lord Lexie was born with talent. But I haven't told you the best part of it.....I got Lord Lexie for free. Yep, I became best friends with Lord Lexie with a gift card, that included Crowns.

Next section, Waiting. What for you ask. Celestia of course. First off if you check the Ravenwood bulletin it talks about when the new place of Celestia. It also talks about how they were on the news. Here is the video.

See you all
-Jacob Thundersword