Friday, December 24, 2010

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Well I just came back and I am going on another trip. I am visiting my cousins on the 25th. :) I love them. I will be leaving later tonight and I will be staying there for about a week (till new years eve I think). There internet acsess is basically non-existint. I will be on twitter and trying to post, but I don't know if I can. See you next year!

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The relationship between, money, crowns, and worlds

It has been a while now hasn't it. But with patience I give you knowledge. A friend of mine was asking how much crowns each world was. So I found a place that he could look that up. But then he wanted to know how much each world was in REAL money. We couldn't find anything that had it so I decided to make up my own.

So, based on the wizard 101 website each of the world has different crown values. Lets see what they are.

Wizard city: 3,000 to unlock the whole world

Krockotopia: 11,895 to unlock the world

Marlybone: 12,000 to unlock the world

Mooshu: 10,800 to unlock the world

Dragonspyre: 10,800 to unlock the world

Grizzleheim: 9,975 to unlock the world

Celestia:10,170 to unlock the world

Overall: 68640 crowns

So that is how much crowns each world cost. But we all knew that. Now how do we translate that into real money value. That depends on if you are buying gift cards or in bulk.

Now all of the gift cards are 500 crowns per dollar, as is anything under $20 on the wizard 101 website. $25 is 550 crowns per dollar; $50 is 600; and $80 is 750.

From this we can tell what combination of real money add up to which world, and/or the whole game. SO, if you were just buying crowns from gift cards the worlds will come to this:

Wizard city: 3,000 (I put in extra)

Krockotopia: $20 and1,895 extra crowns you need to buy

Marlybone: $20 and 2,000 extra crowns you need to buy

Mooshu: $20 and 800 extra crowns you need to buy

Dragonspyre: $20 and 800 extra crowns you need to buy

Grizzleheim: $20 and 25 crowns left over after world

Celestia: $20 and 170 extra crowns you need to buy

Extra (that comes from the other worlds): 8665 crowns = $20 with 1335 left over

Overall: $140 and 1360 crowns left over

So each world cost about $20 but the extra is going to force you to buy more gift cards. Now if we buy the crowns in the more economical way, you will get this:

Overall: $80 and 2 $10 with 1360 crowns left over

This is smaller because it is BETTER to buy the crowns all at once then to buy gift cards. So, what have we learned?

Well, we now know that to get your bang for your buck you buy in bulk. And, that each world is about $20 (not WC). Marlybone is the most expensive world. How much each world cost in gift cards. $100 is much better to pay than $140.

If you have any questions or any ways to help OR just a comment on this just...comment.

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Wait

Due to personal matters I will be gone from the spiral till maybe the tenth of December. I'm sorry I need to have this break from blogging and playing games.

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Friday, November 19, 2010

First Short Fan-Fic

I have to make a short story for class by the end of the month. It has to be about two pages so no going on forever like I want to. BUT, To make it fun for me I decided to write about a wizard101 tale. I asked who would like to be in it and only Arlen Dawneyes asked.

So The story will be outlining Mooshu and it's plot. By the way I told my friend in class that my story was going to have different oni in it and he knew what a oni was! Anyway I am super exited to start writing it today. I have to turn it in so I might not be able to post it really soon.

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Sorry for not posting in a while. But this time I have a different reason, not that I have had nothing to do in the spiral. But that I have been in the spiral so much that I haven't had time to post.

So I have gotten past the Drake Hatchery. I believe that you have to go back later. So I can't say that I am completely done with it. I have also gotten past the crucible. Let me say, that place take FOREVER! So many bosses to fight. Luckily the side quest is short.

So if you are ahead of me you would know that I now have to do the labyrinth. How ever before I have to do the labyrinth I became level 48. I became level 48 while in the hatchery. But long story short I waited to do the crucible until I wanted to get it.

So you all know how much I dislike pictures in my post. So I decided that a VIDEO would be more effective. First video ever and I am proud of my editing.

Sorry for the low quality. Windows movie maker was acting wired. This is my first video ever so I am proud of myself. The reason for the transitions is because I took several different clips and had to combine them.

Yes I have gotten my scarecrow spell AND my wraith. I will be shareing what my wraith develops in the way of talents. Cant wait. Happy!!! Happy!!!

By the way check this out. I wish I could make a segment for it.

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Real Winners...

So I said you all have to wait two days, and you have done so. I have received LOTS of entries and I am grateful that this is more of a success than my last one. As promised the winners of the contest are as follows.

Thomas Deathgem wins the 5000 crowns item!

Heather Raven wins the beastmaster set or something else!

And Tristan Sky wins the treasurer cards!

Remember that I went to to do this so don't be a sore loser.

What is this...There is a FOURTH winner? They get 5 eye of bartleby treasure card packs.

and the winner is.... Fallon Shadowblade!

All of the winners can redeem there prizes by DM me on twitter of E-mailing me. You can NOT redeem earlier that Wednesday. You must wait till after then. I will organize a time where I can meet with all of you to gift the prizes.

THANK YOU ALL WHO ENTERED!!!! I hope to hold more in the future.

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Friday, November 5, 2010

Contest Winners....

We all know that I put on a contest last week. It is now over and there were a few e-mails, some that I let apply by just asking me on Twitter and a lot of comments. I thank anyone who helped spread the word about the contest. Now the moment you have all been waiting for... the winners!

WHAT?! Oh you were thinking I was just going to tell you! No no. I am going to make this suspenseful as possible. You have to wait two more days to find out. Have fun waiting

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's Try This Again...CONTEST!!

Well as some of you may know I hosted a contest waaaaaay back. That contest crashed and burned because A: I hosted it to early in my blogging career, and B: The prizes went good, and C: It was just a bad contest.

I am holding a new contest where I will give out prizes to 3 different people. The reason for this contest is because I now have 50 followers on Twitter and I almost have 15 followers on my blog. I also almost have 1,000 views on my blog!!! So that is why.

The prizes are!!!!!!
1) Any thing in the crowns shop for 5000 crowns or anything of equal of lesser value
2) The beast master set, or anything of equal of lesser value
3) Some treasure cards that I have

(The first two sound like a commercial, with the equal or lesser value thing, lol)

You all know how hard it is for me to get crowns so don't complain about the prizes. And for the third prize some may be good some maybe not so perfect. I can tell you a hydra is in there! I gave away my scarecrow to a good friend a week or two ago so sorry.

In order to enter you must do two things
A) Follow my blog, me on twitter, or both
B) Comment on this post, or email me

Contacts are as follows: and @JThundersword

I WILL BE CHECKING, so don't just try and comment or just email. Leave a way to contact you if you leave a comment. If you followed me on twitter I will "DM" you. We will set up times to meet in-game. PLEASE leave your wizard name in the comment or email!!!

Contest will end on the 4th. Be sure to tell others!

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

P.S. the word of the day was...Follow
B.T.W. check out this website that Kingsisle put up of people without Ipods

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Little Bit Late To The Party

It seems like I have started every post like this but, I am sorry that I haven't been posting for a while. I have rarely have time to play in the spiral, and if I do get time I can't do quests because I am out of crowns. Well as i have stated in my last post I will make a post about a new card...A gift card. This is being called the "double wide card" it is selling at $39 and is going out on the first of next month at Gamestop.

I know that others have done post about the new one but I will try to go into detail about what I think about it. So if you don't know already check this out, or this.

What it comes with:

1 Month Subscription at $9.95 or 5000 Crowns
Fantasy Palace Castle
Additional Castle Space Elixir*
Minigame Kiosk Housing Item
Gryphon Mount
Ancient Spear of Power
Epic Clothing Set
Mystery Dueling Pet
*If you already have three houses on your character, you must claim this elixir before you claim the Castle!

I have gone into the house it comes with and let me tell you it is HUGE! With lots of secret passageways. Four I think. If you want to know what it looks like just look at this video made by TFN!

I had some pictures of it but a video is better and you all know how much I dislike pictures in my posts. So that is what the house looks like. I also have seen Stephen Spiritcaller on his gryphon mount. Let me tell you, it looks awesome.

The clothing set is OK as far as I know. I haven't seen all of the stats of all of the sets but as far as I can tell they are really nice because each piece comes with a card.

The dueling pet is a FIERCE HOUND! You can find some stats here. It is a nice death pet that I WANT! It has death-shot and spritely! Let me just say I need it.

Then you just get the normal $10 gift card value of 5000 crowns or a months subscription.

Now for what I think of it:

The question is, Is all of this worth my $40. I am a kid and I want it but should I spend my hard earned money on a gift card?

Well we know that 5000 crowns on a gift card is $10 so we have 10 to 40. Not the best. The house with pvp ring and mini-game in your house. I would st that at a value of $20. 30 to 40, looking good but what else is there?

The NEW mount would be at a value $10 I think. so we have $40 vs $40. We still have...the staff, the clothing set that you can pick yourself, AND a NICE pet that you can get. I would say that tally's at....$70 to $40.

So it is worth it! You get what I would say $30 FREE!

Now that I have proven that it is a good deal I think that I will take it! That's right I am going to buy the New gift card when it comes out. So I can do some more questing and have a new house and A new pet!

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Everything

I have made a new header! It has my new gear because my first one had my Marlybone gear. I think it looks quite nice. Tell me what you think of it in the comments. As you also may have noticed as you loaded this page, I have a new template. I was thinking the diffrent colors will atract more people to come and read my blog. But I am not sure if this is the best design. I wanted somthing that was necromancer like, but still colorful. Tell me what you thing in the comments. I will try to post more often now. I still have a lot of homework but not ass much so more time to be in the spiral. I am trying to post every other day, if not each day. Expect another post tomorrow about a special card.

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

My Picture Is Here!!!

Well the fine folks A2Z (Ambrose 2 Zeke) have made my picture. I love it so much I decided to make a blog post of it right away.
I LOVE IT!!!! The only down side is that I am in my Mooshu gear. I STILL LOVE IT!!!!! By the way, if you haven't entered part two of the contest they have made you should right now. I entered so I will have a better chance at the final 7th secret challenge. By the way my wizard's hair looks JUST like that. Good job! I am changing almost every account that I have on anything to that picture.

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Woot Celestia!!! (and other things)

Well we all know that Celestia is in the test realm. If this is the first time you have herd of this you MUST of been in well, not paying attention. The sign is there when you long in to the plain old live realm. I could go on and on about how cool Celestia is, but I don't know. I can't get into the test realm, I haven't bought crowns in about a month. Of more than that because then i would of been able to get in. The point is that I can't tell you how being under water feels.

I can however show you the new spells that Kingsisle put out. Not only that I can show you.

Thank you to for that video. Here is the stats of all of them. I suggest you turn your volume down.

Isn't that just great. I am a bit bummed that death didn't get a one time hitter. But a DOT spell can always come in handy.
Poll results
It is a three way tie between, Lion, Lioness, and Tiger. So I don't want to do another poll so I will ask my sister which one I should get. *runs to other room* *runs back* Well she said tiger. So, TIGER IT IS!

I will use my tiger at party's and such and my wings for day to day use.
I have been farming the Halloween tower lately. I got the balance and fire short-blade thingy (athem or something like it). But today I got..
It is a good crowns item. I wont use it on Jacob. But i will give it to one of my alts. Storm If I ever make one. I have a fire and balance alt right now. My fire is in KT right now! Woot!
I will be getting a new header for the blog and a new template this week. Once I put them out tell me if you like them.
Have fun in the spiral my friends!!!

The Gobblitertor
-Jacob Thundersword

P.S. My moms birthday is tomorrow. Say happy birthday to her! She love it when it's on Friday the 13th.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Poll Closed...Spiders?

The poll for me getting a house or mount has closed. You guys have decided that I should get a mount! I voted for it too. :p Now that new poll is.....Which One? I want them to come up with a spider mount. Wouldn't that be SO cool?! A black widow or a brown spider. I would buy that on the spot.

Speaking of brown spiders I have one in wizards. I hatched with this person who has one and I got it. She has nice stats too. Look at this.... or at least a nice spell. I found out who I am going to be for Halloween...him.


I am to short to be him. I am like...4' 10"

Lol, it's because my cousin wants me to be him. Plus he is awesome, and his name is my nickname. I have the wig, my mom is making the coat and I am getting a friend to weld the weapons (chakrams). Crazy man, crazy.

Back to wizards. I missed all of the birthday parties that have been happening. :( To bad I really wanted to go. I could of meet a LOT of famous, and not so famous cool people.

I have not been playing much because I am out of crowns, so no quest completed. I have had a LOT of homework so I only played for about one day this week. But this week I have three half days, and a four day weekend. Lot's of playing time.

I have however found out a few days ago I have won the first "Ambrose 2 Zeke Champions" contest. I got a code for a remarkable reagents packet and I get a drawing of my wizard. Go check it out! Thank you so much guys! They said the more I enter the more of a chance I will have of winning the "major" contest. I already entered for #2 I am now the GOBBLITERATOR!

That's all for now!

The gobbliterator
-Jacob Thundersword

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Am Back!

I finished all of my homework surprisingly. I now have to bind it all into a book. As I said to Arlen Dawneyes "I have done enough homework to fill a book. A BOOK!" I fell accomplished now. I am now in a math "block" so we do a LOT of math. I love math. Today we talked about pi. I knew much more then the other kids.(sorry but it's true) I also found out what high school I want to go to, It's a while till then but I am still exited of it. Like freaking out exited. Anyway onto Jacob Thundersword!
I have finished unlocking all of the small towers in The Tower Archives and have now gotten to the main tower. Here is the picture of how you go into there.

Inside of the main tower I found....Zarathatx! FYI: he was the one helping you and giving you quests to do. He was a hard fight considering I didn't have help and he is balance and puts up spirit shields. I beat him and made my way to the Plaza Of Conquests (my new favorite place).
I went in and found four large statues of monsters and two of people.

I made it pass it I think. The "teacher" sent me to The Grand Chasm. I love the that place it is so beautiful in the past and present! That's right the past I have to go into the past. I help this guy hide it from the titan army then I ask for it in his ghost form and he attacks me. But then he remembers me and I get some tablet.

I go back to The Plaza Of Conquest to give my "teacher" the tablet and he sends me to the Necropolis. BUT, I was out of crowns so I am sad. I can't go any further in the quest-line now. Plus I am trying to save up so I won't get there for a while.

To other random news!

I have been farming Oyotomi for the weekend and on Saturday I had more then enough money to hatch. I went around with Lord Lexie but no one wanted to hatch. So I stitched to Sir Misty my ghost hound and EVERYBODY asked me to hatch. One person said and I quote "watch out for Jacob's pet because it is DANGER!! DANGER!"

Eventually I found this guy with a Jade oni named Wolf Sandsword. I hatched with him and he kept saying thank you to me. I went to the paint shop and found out I GOT A GHOST HOUND! I don't know if you can tell but I am happy.

I kept farming Oyotomi and I now have over one hundred thousand gold. I can now buy any school house or any mount (that you are able to buy in gold). This is why I love Kingsisle, I am out of crowns but I can still get great things. So vote on the poll at the top of the screen for what I should get: a house or mount.

Have you heard about this blog called "The Word From Stormthief". He is one of the best writers ever! Go check it out! The link is right there ------->

I got a new record for my biggest hit: 4776 I can get is a LOT higher. I only used some of my traps. And I got to level 47! One more level! I have a new outfit as well.
Don't forget this. That is it I think. So bye.

The smart and exited necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow, I Need To Get This Time Thing Down

Um, so this post is a bit late...again. WHY MUST TIME NOT LIKE ME!!!! *Ahem* Sorry for that outburst. I haven't posted in a while again. I have to write TWELVE pages on certain kings, queens and rulers of England/Scotland. This new school is taking a lot out of me. I also have to draw a PERFECT picture of; Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, King Charles, Guy Fawks, William of Orange, King James, London burning, the House of Parliament, and me. I also have to do a report on Norman Rockwell and a volcano in Mexico. Read 8 books and write reports about them, and read some book that isn't interesting for class. Oh, don't forget to do math, grammar, take notes, and to paint. I also have to sew, do gymnastics, and learn a new language, knit baby caps, sell tacos, be in mandatory clubs, sell pizza, and raise money to go to a different country.(This is all for school)Plus have time to eat and sleep. *Hits head on table*

*edit* found out I have more homework due this week, I will post on next Monday*edit*

So you can see why I don't have the time to post every other day. I will try do do my best on the posting things, but real life comes first. I love this blog and I wouldn't give it up, but I just need time to finish some stuff in real life. I go into a math block at my school on Monday so I will have time. Math is easy for me because I already took two high school courses ((not in high school yet)and got credit for them!) and passed them, and I love math! So, once I get all my history, art, Spanish and other random things done I will post more often.

Don't forget about this!

The procrastinating and smart teen named
-Jacob Thundersword

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time IS So...Late


You do not understand how disappointed I am in me for not putting up a post in... almost Four weeks. I have been so busy IRL. I had to switch schools, Finish all of my homework (there is a LOT), and do other things that don't involve school or Ravenwood. This new school really want's the most it can get out of me, and that's good, I should be giving it my all. That just means less time to play games. But now onto my wizard.

Let's just cut to the chase and say that I got past the Village of Sorrow. I don't want to wast time on that. I do love fighting Oyotomi the Defiler from that place. He is a boss that is all alone and is death so I just need a prism. So I farmed him for my life sword. I love farming him, it's so easy now that I have my level 42 spell. I got my biggest hit ever on him, 3--- I kind of forgot. Oh wait, that's why we have PICTURES!
If you can't see it it says 3978. That's the highest I gotten it to. It can get even higher if I use skeletal pirate witch MIGHT go to a base 510, instead of 500.

Now I have gotten to the Tree of Life witch I wanted help with. The Two headed wizard was going to be such a nice person again and help me with another Oni.

so he helped me on Mycin his storm alt. He knew this instance like a grandmaster knows Unicorn Way. He decided to fight Youkai who has the most health in Mooshu. I wanted to fight him too so I went inside. We won that fight. Mycin did most of the attacking because he is storm. I got the "Sword Saint" badge witch I like.

Next we went to the Death Oni. We had to make a portal around the actual tree of life. This is what that dreaded Death Oni did to the tree of life, that horrible...person?

Here is the portal we made by stabbing the tree of life with a short-blade. This is a child game? Just kidding, it's just a tree.

Then to fight the Oni in his hidden form. Mycin was already there because I was taking the screen-shots.

What he changes his form! oh wait all of the other Onis did that, so predictable.

This is he beat. I can't remember who had the last hit.

Our conversations make no sense. Like this right HERE. I love those guys(and girl) they always have good songs. But they are no longer on television, *sad face*. I will have one of there videos in every post for a while, or other funny songs in links.

Anyway, the Oni No Death has been defeated. Mycin wanted to fight Youkai again and I had to go fight some spiders because of Oakheart. At least that was the last Oakheat quest.

Now he asked wanted me to meet him in his dojo. with I wouldn't of be able to find if I hadn't had the giant arrow telling me.

That is why I love the game. things like that. you can meet them all in one place, it is just so AWESOME SAUCE!!

Now to go beat the Jade Oni. I got some help from this low level wizard, but he helped a lot and I am extremely grateful for that. We actually defeated him twice. the first time I forgot to speak to the king. So we had to go in again and defeat him..her?

I had to go fight Cyrus Drake, witch was pretty fun.

He has less health then other bosses in Mooshu. I don't see how he isn't defeated already.

YES!! I feel as if I can RULE THE EARTH... ur.. I mean Help the earth by stopping the ex-death teacher. This is what I see after going through that spiral door.

That's impressive. A giant dragon to greet me to the new world. They know how to make a wizard feel welcome.

That's all in Thundersword news so now we have to go the party and blogging news.

First off Arlen Dawneyes, Kestrel Shadowthistle, and Blaze Silverfist are holding a party. The CAST A CHANGE party!

Blaze made that photo, and it's awesome. Go visit this blog post on all of the information for that party. Save your transformations for it, I already used mine.

I found out about this new blog that just came out today. STORIES OF THE SPIRAL. They seen really cool, and I added them to my blog roll. Remember to check them out.

Now for recent (or not) parties.

These were all at the RR after party.

So many people!!

Friendly sighting!

Kestrel sighting!

Arlen sighting!

Lesha sighting!

Can you see me?

My brother, I have found you!

That's all from me today. I will try to post more often.

The smart yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Monday, August 9, 2010


I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a while(well a week). I am loaded with homework from school, trying to switch schools and freaking about Halloween (My family dose that early), all in all I have been pretty busy. That doesn't mean I can't play the best game in the world!

I have played so much on the weekend. Usually I don't play or blog or be "active" during that part of the week, but school has started and I needed some relaxing time. I also have PLENTY of pictures to show you.

Well, I have gotten to the Yoshihito Temple and the Ancient Burial Grounds.
Me In Front Of Cow

The Ancient Burial Grounds is a easy place, besides all of the life monsters. I loved the layout of this part of the game. It looks like Newgate Prison from the map, but the area is MUCH easier to navigate.

I am tired of all of mossback's quests. Go fight TEN of these monsters then a boss. That get boring Sir. Moss. Not to mention that half of the monsters are life, who put up death shields.

The 2 best things about this place is that; 1, It's a beefed up version of Unicorn Way. With skeletal pirates and dark fairies(?). 2, You get to go through a portal.

I became level forty two, so that means a new spell...WRAITH!

I finally get to use it!

Now all I need to do Is get scarecrow.

The whole reason you here is so you can get a Spirit Cage to hold a spirit that will help you cross a river.

YAY! now I'm done with that part. Time to get the spirit to put into that cage.

MORE TOMORROW!!! Or later. I have plenty more pictures to share, and some glitches.

The lazy yet productive necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is It Purified Yet?...No.Is It Purified Yet?....NO. Is It Purified Yet?...YES!

Sorry I haven't been posting in almost a week. School has been taking up so much time. I have to take a major test tomorow and I took another test today. That hasn't stopped me from playing the best game in the world!

I have finally finished up all of the quests in Kishibe Village. I am tired of Mossback making me fight Diseased Water Spirits. Once I finished that The Two-headed Wizard offered to help me fight the Plague Oni in Shirataki Temple.

He was on Mycin. Because he was farming for the life scarab, he just came out of that instance. It took us a while to figure out how to let both of us in there while still having it reset. I figured out that both of the people have to have it unlocked and the person who just finished the instance presses 'X' first the the new one to the instance presses it. In layman's terms: old first, then new.

He knew that instance like the back of his hand. He was crossing the road every few steps (not being attacked), didn't stop to use things (went really quick), and knew exactly what to do. I could barely keep up with him.

We finished the first minor battles easily enough. He kept using storm attacks and killed then quicker then I ever could. When we got to Wavebringer, that was a fun battle. My compainon killed both of them as long as I can remember.

I got a pet. A Lightning Bat. From Wavebringer. On my first try. They said I was lucky.

He may not be the best pet, but he is still a good one. After that I went to fight the Plague Oni.

The Plague Oni wasn't very intimidating because I had two grandmasters on my side. Yes two, Mycin's friend came to help.

Mycin took out the Plague Oni, and I took out his minion. Look at this picture I took after The battle.

That was taken at the fountain behind him.

That's all. Don't forget to go to Two-head's party when it happens!

The smart yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Monday, August 2, 2010

(Insert Title)

Well sorry I didn't post lately. I wan in San Diego. Plus real school started so I couldn't post this morning. I have a 'lot' to say.

First off from what I've heard the all star meet and greet was a success. Although the port bus was a little late it still was fun by almost all peoples standers. There was a tower where a select few got to go into. That was to keep mobs away. Almost everyone had fun. Almost. Some people didn't like it. That's there fault they didn't have fun.

Then later on The Two Headed Wizard is going to host a party. I hope this party is going to be a success, this is why I am trying to spread the word. Come one, come all. This needs to be great.

As you all know I have been holding a contest. The contest is now over and the winner will be announced.

No one

No one entered my contest. It wasn't that hard. If someone just entered in a screen-shot of them fighting a wooden golem would of won. BECAUSE THEY ENTERED SOMETHING! But no, no one even did that. Oh well. Now I can spend the crowns on myself.

I have been redecorating my house in game. It's turning out nice. I have my graveyard in one part and my trees in another. then I have my pets guarding the world gate. Inside I have crafting on the second level and other thing on the bottom.

Still bummed that no one entered my contest.

The smart yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Friday, July 30, 2010


Well in game I have Just started Kishibe Village. It's a nice place. Location is nice(waterfall), so are the people. Plus the quest-line so far has been easy. Vist this shrine, defeat them, purify shrine...done. That's as far as I know.

I had the best few days ever! I went swimming for four hours straight. I love swimming and I haven't gone the whole summer till that. Except, I didn't ware sunscreen so I got burnt.

But the next day my burn became a tan. Plus I get to go to San Diego this weekend. Can't wait. Then after that I have to go to school. I have been waiting to go to school.

Enter my contest! Enter my contest! Enter my contest! Enter my contest! Sorry, so hyper right now.

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-Jacob Thundersword

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I AM a dragon!!!

I am fully healed from my illness. Yay! Now I can get to posting and playing. I haven't been up to anything in-game, I haven't played in the past few days. I decided I am going to give up on my story of the "War Oni" because it makes me become behind on posts.

What I "have" been up to. In the main story line I have just finished the War Oni,so now I am headed off to the Cave of Solitude. Right when I entered the cave I pretty-munch knew that I had to start the Mossback quests. I have heard that you have to do them in order. I have also heard only life students have to do them. Then I have heard that they can mess you up from entering instances. so I have no clue what those quests are or how they relate to me.

I decided to do them anyway. The Cave of Solitude was just like any other place, a main quest line and two other side quest, the usual. The only thing that bothered me was the "cave" itself.

The moving between platforms is not my strong point. The first time I tried to pass it I got attacked. It took me three tries to get pass the first two islands. Then one more try to get pass the next three. After the first time to-and-fro, I never got attacked again.

I beet the bosses got the staff pieces and all that.

I really liked the story line for that part of Mooshu. It's just so cool how you get all of staff together then try to stop the water from becoming bad. Just such a cool story line.

My new favorite word is besieging. The definition: surrounded by hostile forces. Sentence: "We need to get past the besieging enemy in order so save ourselves" said the warrior. Reason it's my favorite: It just sounds cool. who wouldn't want to know that word.

Don't forget to enter my contest. Ends Monday at 8:00 am eastern. Send your entry to

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

P.S. The reason for this title is because me and my friend always have fights over who is the real dragon. We are so silly(cool).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sickness = Let Down

I can't post right now because I fell really sick. I will try to post as soon as I get better. I am a death wizard I am not supposed to be Humongofroging. I just hope I get better.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Friday, July 23, 2010

War Oni ( The Second Or Fourth Battle)

The third part of my ongoing story. This is were I fight the Jade Oni with help. Don't read it till you have read the other two parts. Special prize: I mad it to level forty, now I can use all of the wands that I have, and new gear.
Everybody was hesitant to go into battle with the Jade Oni. I don't blame them, his 7,500 health is not something you should sneeze at, nether are his attacks. I decided that since I didn't NEED to beat the Jade Oni I could save some of there health if I go in first, so I did.

The first turn the Oni attacked. But it wasn't on me it was on another teammate. I was fearful for if that happened to much my job was useless. Throughout the battle the Jade Oni never once attacked me, only my teem. I decided that I would be support then.
My schools are death and life, so I can boost attacks or heal them. We eventually brought him down to half of his original health.

The person in the eye spot was the Oni's favorite person to attack. But I had my necklace witch gave a guiding light spell that increased my satyr heal by 40%. I healed him back to almost max. The fight lasted but eventually we won.

I didn't get anything from the fight except for a new badge to show off. click it to zoom in.

Now I am on to do more quests.
That's it for today. Don't forget to enter my contest. Look at my new tittle.

So happy about that. Come back Monday for more. I will be gone this weekend so no posting or playing for me. My school year start on the second so once that rolls around, expect less posts.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Thursday, July 22, 2010

War Oni (Part Two)

Well here is another part of my story. I think instead of part one and part two I will give them names like, The Battle or The Epilogue. Don't reed this unless you have read part one.
After my victory in the battle verses the War Oni. I went to get the empower spell. After that I went back to Mooshu so I could work on the new section of the world that I have unlocked.

Then I figured out that I had to get health and mana. I waited in the 'commons' of Mooshu while catching mana wisps. Right when I was done my friend asked if I could help him with the crimson fields. Eventually I told him I could help but I couldn't help for the whole instance(things irl).

I ported to him and helped him on the barricades, maybe one boss, and the battle field. I did summon Yakedo this time so that I could fight him. But I forgot that he has 5,000 health. I was all alone. So I was going to try but things in real life got in the way.

When I logged on the next time I had to collect mana from me fleeing Yakedo. I collected it by the palace. I saw this wizard by the palace entrance unsure whether or not to go in.

I expected him to straight from Marlybone, because you have to go in there for a early quest. I went in with him so he would finish his quest. Inside two of his friends ported to us. I said to myself why? As I walked up the slope I remembered why I didn't want to go up there when I first got to Mooshu. I watched videos of people fighting a hard boss there. Is this why the others are here? For the final boss of Mooshu. The Jade Oni. Right in front of me.

That's all, you have to wait for tomorrow for some more. Don't forget to enter my contest. Enter the contest please.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

War Oni (part one)

Well yesterday I tried the Crimson Fields by myself. The beginning seemed quite easy. Just defeating some monsters and small bosses. I wanted to fight Yakedo but I knew I couldn't solo that boss. So I just went to fight Warlord Katsumori. I almost died in that battle because he used a Helephant on me. I was lucky and anticipated the move so I healed myself the turn before. I took him out with a beefed up skeletal pirate.

I knew what will happen next. Katsumori turned into (spoiler alert!) the War Oni. In this battle I knew I would have to protect myself from his big hits so on the first turn I used the two pips I had to summon a minion. This minion did little damage to his 2,000 health. He then used a Firezilla on my minion witch was astonishing. my minion saved me from a whole bunch of damage.

I took damage as he took damage so eventually I had to heal myself. I tried to use my Satyr spell but it fizzled! Healing spells used to be 100% now they are 90%. I heard of this update but I never went to see if it was true.

I still won. I finished three quest after defeating him. I got my empower spell.

I finished the instance and beat that section of the game.I have more to tell but you will have to wait for tomorrow.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Forgot to mention in contest post

I think I didn't make the criteria for the entry's quite clear. You can do one that's funny OR good content OR cool. You can also make it a combination of all 3. Or just two.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

First Contest Ever!

The reason for this contest that I am starting is because: One, This is my fortieth post. Two, I am coming in to 400 page views. Three, I am almost level forty. Intrigued by the last one? I am to.

Yesterday I decided to finish up all of the side quests I have. One. This quest I put off because it required you to defeat 8 life monsters(?) plus two more later. When I tried it before they put death shield after death shield, just to hard. This time I decided to try it again. They only put up two death shields throughout the entire quest-line. I gained a level witch also came with the quest for the spell empower.

Anyway the contest, right. The prize of the contest is anything in the crowns shop worth 3500 crowns or less. You can only get one item. The way you win this contest is by sending in a picture or a section of writing that is: A.funny B.nice to read or see C. just plain cool(see four post down). The entry must be Wizard 101 related.

Winners will be chosen on the second of July. Once you win I will set up a time in-game with you so I can give it to you. You MUST include what you want from the crowns store in your entry. All must be sent via e-mail to

That's it I think. Just remember that you must work hard to win this contest.
(I want a catch phrase that I can put before my name. Think of one in the comments)
-Jacob Thundersword

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Was I Gone All Week, With Pictures (Of Cake)

I was gone for over a week and for that I am sorry. I went out of town as I do almost every weekend. But then it was a family member's birthday so I went over to a different town. Then I remembered that it was another family member's birthday and that they lived in the same household. I decided to stay for the week. But I didn't stay there and do nothing wizard 101 related.... I made a wizard 101 cake.

The cake was supposed to look like my in game staff. But I forgot what it looked like so I made this(pictures are bad quality):

On the top I made the world door connect to the other mini circles on the end with pyramids (Kroc), trees (Wizard City), waves (Celestia), clock towers(Marlybone). On the staff part of it I made every primary school(not sun, moon or star) out of fondant. My family member made a Mario mushroom. The dots are the wrong color because we ran out of supplies.

Petnome Project is now officially open! It opened today. Just go to this link here. Ravenwood Radio was on last week. I missed it.
Now that I actually have wings of my own I like how they tilt. But I do have one suggestion for the game. Can we please have seven wizards on one account. I want to have wizards in every school but right now I can only do that on two accounts.

I know I have been putting off those house pictures. That's because I don't like putting pictures in my post. It's a hassle. I have all the house pictures ready but there are so many. I might get around to it. Also I am thinking about doing a contest. One that isn't random. I want something that people actually worked on. Ideas? Writing, pictures? The prize will be anything in the crowns shop that's 3500 and under. More details tomorrow.