Monday, May 31, 2010

Student Teacher Election Winners

Student teacher elections are finally over and here are the winners from the 2010 summer elections.

Photo was made by Wolf
Good for them and everyone else who was a participant in this election. And good for the voters also. I hoped you voted for whoever it is you wanted to win because now that time frame of voting is now OVER.
-Jacob Thundersword

Sunday, May 30, 2010

" Achivement Unlocked" and other nonsense

Ok, first I must say we achieved my goal of filling up the whole area during the Ravenwood Ball. Actually we filled up two...ish. I was there for a little bit, however eventually I gave into the lag and left. Sorry no screen-shots.

Now enough of that topic. As some of you might of known from this post on Diary of a Wizard, that I won a contest. No, it wasn't some awesome pet or staff but it was still cool to win something for once.

To the game. Well I have been trying to catch up on all of the side quest in Marlybone I have. I have finally succeeded in doing so. All I have left is quest in Knights Court. My favorite thing to fight in Marlybone now are the Street Sweepers in the Ironworks.
-Jacob Thundersword

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Time

Well, it is finally time for the Ravenwood Ball today. As I have said before I hope to see you all there. My goal is for us to fill up that whole space and make it so no one else to enter it. And just in case that dose happen later in the ball/ party I'll be there early. So hope you all come, the information is all in my last post.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ravenwood Ball

I can't wait for the Ravenwood Ball this Saturday. I have my outfit picked out too. It's going to be so much fun. I hope I see you all there. The information is,
Date: Saturday – May 29, 2010
Time: 6PM Central – until…
Location: Ravenwood School of Magical Arts (of course!)
Realm: Vampire Area 1

Plus, I made a poster for it.

Look at that. It's pure awesome-sauce. For more information go to the Diary of a Wizard page here. Guess which one I'll be wearing. OK, I know that's a easy question. See you there.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cannon Game

O.k. so I finally figured out how to play the cannon game. Plus, I played it one and hit the target every time. But it said I missed it every time. I shot two bulls-eyes in a row and received no experience.

Look at that. I know there's only two holes, but that is because I hit the same place twice. I thought they were supposed to fix these types of things. Oh well, all it cost was 4 energy. I'm still annoyed.

Pet Pavilion

O.k. so it took a while for the pet pavilion to load, but I have the pictures I promised you. First is one of Milo. He is the "head honcho" at the pet pavilion.

See him there crushed by the other wizards. Next is the hatchery machine.

That's where the magic happens. New unique pets can come out of that machine. Lastly is my dangerhound Sir Misty dancing.

Look at him! He's so cool. Well i'm going to play some more, type you later.

Live Now!

Just a short post telling all of you guys that the new expansion is up and is now playable. I will be posting pictures later

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pet Expansion Live

O.k. so Kingsisle is finally putting the new pet expansion into the live game for everyone.

I can't wait for everyone to finally see what this new add on has to offer. I hope all of you go and check it out for yourselves. The new expansion is going to make people go crazy over it and try to level there pets in one day. I know I will try to level my pets as soon as I get on.

First I will work on my danger hound, because it looks cool and because he's my favorite pet. What will you try and level?

New Picture

O.k. i have made a new picture for my header. It took me two and a half hours to make, so i hope you like it. The program that helped me make it was showed to me by Kestrel's post. And I thank her very much for it. I know the picture isn't perfect, with a hole in Mr.Thundersword's head, and all the white around him. But it's my first try.

Life Spider Fights

Right now, I'm fighting some life spiders in marlybone. They put up so many death shields it is astonishing. I was about to kill one while it had a death shield, but that turn it decided to put up spirit armor.

It blocked most of my attack and now I've been fighting them for almost five minutes. this fight should only take two. Dang life spiders. plus, I forgot to bring my over time spell so I cant get rid of the shields. Ugh.

Jacob Thundersword And Me

Well it's time for me to tell you all about Mr. Thundersword, and I. First, Thundersword. He is a level 32 necromancer in marlybone. If you are reading this going, "What is he talking about!", then go Google Wizard 101 and play the game. Now back to the story. Well Jacob had to basically solo the whole first two worlds, Wizard City and Krokotopia.

Wizard City wasn't that hard to solo because they had very little health,(compared to krokotopia). However krok had other ideas for soloing.The pyramid of the sun was easily fixed with the dark magic from my staff (I had a krok staff at the time).

However, The Krokosphinx was just a little bit tougher, due to the powerful bosses and there minions. The sands of time was the boss I despised the most. Anyway, when I went to the Tomb Of Storm I felt as if it was just a breeze.

Now to marlybone, here it took me a while to get through Hyde Park. I don't know why but it just did. In Chelsea Court I tried to rush it. I think I might still have side quest from there still...oh well.

Any way, I did the Ironworks. I went to Newgate Prison and did not like it. It takes forever to go through the prison itself. I know for a fact that I have side quest there still.

Right now I and trying to finish side quest and finish The Knights Court. It is going to take forever to finish up all of the side quests I have.

Now for me. I am a teen in the south-western part of the us. Not telling were. I like reading and am extremely smart, in math especially. I don't like writing but strangely enough I like typing. My birthday is in a few days.I was going to start this blog in late June but decided I can start right now.

That's all for now, type to you later.

Header Problems

Ok, I know my header isn't fancy like others are, but I just can't figure out how to make the kind of header that I want. So annoyed by this dang header, it took me three and a half hours to just give up and make that up there. Oh well, I'll make a new one eventually.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The first post

Well, this is my first post on my first blog. This blog is about me, Jacob Thundersword, playing my favorite game called wizard 101. If you do not know of this game that is known by thousands, then go to and start you experience. This post is also a test post so I will write more later. In my later post I will start to explain more about me and my wizard, so hold tight.

P.S. The 'cry' part in the name of the blog, isn't cry as in, whine, it's cry as in yell