Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Short, Long Story!

So, I am here to bring you my first ever short story/fan fic. And blogger is being really wired right now so lets hope this works. First off lets say there might be a lot of typos. Ok I also made it in a few hours so here it is....

The Plague
By: Jacob Thundersword
I just knew this day was going to be a pain. I woke up to Headmaster Ambrose telling me that I was needed in his office. Every time that happens I have to go on a quest to a ‘New Found’ world, OR find a way to foil Malistaire’s plans. I just hoped this time it would be foiling. I am still tired from my last quest Dworgyn, the teacher of the death school, MY teacher, put me on. I had to collect so many items from dragons. Sometimes I wish I didn’t go to Ravenwood School for the Magical Arts. But no matter how much I tried I would not have been able to say no to the headmasters request. You could never say no to the Headmaster, he would just find another student wizard that is better than you. And trust me, there is always a wizard above you. I am a master necromancer, or student of death, and I know grand-masters in every school, life, death, myth, storm, ice, fire and balance, and in the headmasters case… Astral Magic. But no one is better than him.

On the short walk from my dorm to the headmaster’s house (he is never in his tower) I ran across a good friend of mine, Arlen Dawneyes, A grand-master conjurer (myth). “Hey Jacob!” He yelled.

“Hey. What are you up to?” I asked.

“Just working on trying to finish up some crafting. I am a master artisan now and I want to craft a carousel. What are you up to?” He retorted.

“Ambrose wants me in his office for some reason.” I told him. “Lets just hope he isn’t sending me back to Krokotopia” I joked.

“Ha ha ha. Lets just hope not. See you soon. And if you need help with anything don’t hesitate to ask.” He said smugly.

I love the commons. The small but large lake in the center, the lush green grass, the hustle of every day students trying to get to class, that’s Wizard city for you. I saw Penny Dreadful dropping her books. She always was a klutz. Of course the Headmaster’s house was crowded with new students trying to get quests from him. I heard shouts of; ‘where is my pet‘, ‘how do I get to the new world‘, and the most occurring ‘Help me’.

The Headmaster saw me and instantly his face lit up. I pushed my way through the crowd of people in order to even hear his voice. “Jacob Thundersword, you must go to Mooshu and help the emperor. A war has broken out in his world, and he is too ill to do anything about it.” He said hastily.

I loved Moosho. It was the first world that actually posed a challenge for me. You see there are many worlds in the spiral. The ones that I know of and have made contact with are; Wizard city; Krockotopia a world that was a desert; Marylebone a world that was industrious; Moosho; Dragonspyre a city in ruins; and Grizzlehelm, a lush forest. “Ok, I will help him.” I said.

I walked out of his house and into the commons. I walked into Ravenwood. Ravenwood held all of the schools, except balance and death. The balance school is hidden in Krockotopia, but we have a spokesperson who helps the new balance students. The death school dropped off a cliff once Malistaire, the old death teacher, went crazy and left. I am the only student who knows where it is. It is under a waterfall in the commons.

Each school was arranged in a circle. In the middle of all of them was Bartleby, The creator of the spiral and the grandfather tree. He was giant and was missing one eye. Next to each school was one of his children. They each represented a school. And he has more children all over the spiral. I entered Bartleby’s trunk into the spiral chamber. In there you will find a door that lead to the other worlds, as long as you had the spiral key to that world.

I searched my backpack for the Mooshu key. I found it, it had a lotus on top and was made of bamboo. I entered it unto the lock and turned the handle. Changing worlds is quote an experience. You feel nothing yet it seems as if you are swimming across an ocean. Next thing I knew I was in a temple, I was in Mooshu.
I walked out of the temple and into the main section of the world. Shops all around in a square with benches in the center. A few yards further I found the palace that the emperor is in. To my right I found another temple surrounded by a lake and leading to other sections of the world. To my left I saw another lake but with houses around it, and the houses lead to other sections.

I walked up to the palace and entered the great building. Inside I found the sides of the building were covered with pillars and straight ahead there was a ramp, in front of the lamp was a lantern. I walked up the lamp and saw the emperor laying down. Like all of the natural residents in Mooshu he was a cow. Next to him was his loyal servant. I walked up to him and asked him a simple question. “what happened?”.

“ Four days ago a war broke out in the land, between the pigs and the cows.” he said. “The pigs invaded our land and have been driving citizens out of the city.” By this point he was sweating in fear. “A day later our beloved emperor became mortality ill and can’t do anything. You must stop this war and heal the emperor!”

I walked out without saying a word. It wouldn’t have mattered if I said anything, they just would ignore you like always. I knew I had to stop the war from spreading first, then I can find out how the ruler got sick and how to heal him.

I asked around and found out that the front line of the battle was through a secret passage way in some hedges as you come into the city. I followed a small cow into the secret passage. It was larger than it was inside. I came into a large battle field with pikes and swords and wands all over the ground. Around was a forest of bamboo. In the middle I saw a large building. I knew at once that that must be where the leader of the war was.

I was witness to futile attempts to penetrate the wall of ninja pigs holding back an army. Every time a cow tried to advance the pigs would take a step forward. I knew that I was going to be the only one who could get by them. Duel after duel I weakened their numbers two at a time. I launched scarecrows and wraiths as fast as I could. After a few hours of tedious fighting the cows were able to over take what was left of the pigs.

I walked up to the building alone. I saw the door and opened it quite violently, I just wanted to go home and rest. I drunk a potion to rebuild my energy and looked in every room for the warlord. In a back room I saw a small pig, not even three feet high. Height means nothing in the wizard world. Some of the smallest wizards can defeat a resurrected soul in one hit. I knew I had to fight him, so I walked up to him and launched a boosted up wraith in his direction.

In one hit he was on the floor. I was proud of myself. But a split second later I heard a voice, a deep voice of an Oni. I have never met an Oni. It was eight feet tall and four feet wide. It looked like an elephant. He was orange. He said, “Well done wizard, you have defeated my hidden form. Too bad you wont live to tell the tale.” and with that he launched a magma shark at me from his wand.

I knew I had to give this fight all I had. I launched a death blade and spirit blade on me and a curse, death trap and a feint on him. I knew it would be sufficient to defeat him al long as I has a boosted wraith. And I hit him with all I had. I saw the dead soul rise and take the living soul of the War Oni from him. Then my wraith took the Oni’s soul and gave it to me to heal me. This is why death is so great, an attack and a heal in one spell.

I was about to leave the building when I heard the Oni’s voice again. “Well done, but my brothers will see to your demise.” It said. I left and walked across the field. It was no longer a battlefield, just a dirt field, with cows jumping for joy. The Oni said his brothers. So I guess I have a few more duels to make, and I knew just where to find them.

Back in front of the palace I took a left turn, to the lake with houses. I knew somewhere in one of these houses I would find the Oni responsible of making the emperor ill. House after house I searched each one. All of them were empty. Not one cow or pig or Oni in them. I walked outside from the last house around the lake. I saw a cow taking a stroll by the lake. I asked if there were any more houses in this section of the world. He said that there was a large house in the middle of the lake. I thanked him for his wisdom then pondered how there can be a house in that small lake. Then it hit me, it was under it.

I swam to the bottom of the lake. Every wizard has an infinite amount of air under water. Ambrose gives you a stone to hold on to when to first enter Ravenwood that gives you underwater breathing powers. I always kept mine in my backpack. At the bottom I could just see algae. A few seconds of looking and I got stuck in a patch of seaweed. I broke out and received an idea. The house must be hidden from view, under algae.

I started making piles of algae off of the rocks. One of them has to have the house under it. After a few minutes I saw a faint blew light. I knew that light, it was the light of spells being cast. I swam over and quickly took all of the lime green algae off. I saw a door and opened it.

I came to a large room with water falls and pillars. In the middle was a raised platform with a brown Oni standing on it casting practice spells. I climbed the platform and asked the Oni what he was doing in this world.

“Why, I am trying to make every citizen of this world receive a plague so bad that they will never defy me or my brothers again. Why else would I be called the plague Oni.” He snorted. It was hard to understand him because it seamed as it he had some sort of cold. Again I challenged him to a duel and won. This is becoming more work than it is fun.

It took a while to walk back to the palace. I entered to see if the emperor was back on his feet. But when I looked it seemed as if he was even worse than before. I knew there must be another Oni that was sickening him. I did not want to find the next Oni so I just wanted to heal the emperor with a fruit from the Tree Of Life.

The Tree Of Life is easy to find. It is a giant tree in the middle of the temple to the right of the emperor’s palace. I had to be careful not to fall of the narrow bridge into the chilly waters. Once I was close to the tree to pick a fruit I found that the tree was dead. The Tree Of Life is dead! I needed that fruit.

I knew there must be a poison or something in the tree, and who knows more about poison than a death wizard? I took a short-blade out of my backpack and stabbed the Tree Of Life with it. Behind me a portal into the tree appeared. I stepped into the glowing dark portal.

Inside a tree is like being in it’s soul. There is one road lit by lanterns. If one of those lanterns is out or something on the road is blocking the path the tree becomes ill and dies. I looked around and saw that every lantern was lit so I kept on walking. I saw a figure in the distance. That must be what was making the tree sick, something in it’s way of growing.

I ran up to the object wand in hand. Big mistake on my part, it was another Oni. I knew this Oni. The Death Oni, or the Oni No death. The Death Oni prevents things in the would he is in from dying, hence the other name. So this was there plan, to start a war and make the people suffer a great deal. Then send a plague out on the survivors. Since the Death Oni is here the people would suffer but never die. I guess the Onis never want anyone to mess with them.

I defeated this one while he was sleeping on the ground. I put a death prism on him to turn my death attack into a life attack to do extra damage to him. Next thing I knew the large Oni fizzled out of this world.

I walked back out of the portal to see if the tree was better. It was blossoming with thousands of flowers and had dozens of fruit on it. I picked one and ran to the emperor as fast as I could. I ran up the ramp of the palace and feed the ripe fruit to the ruler of the land. He instantly looked healthier.

Then he fell on the floor in a limp cold mass. And from his body came the largest Oni I have ever seen. With a roar of this large mouth he said in a thunderous voice, “Thank you for feeding me a fruit from the Tree Of Life. I am the Jade Oni, the biggest brother of all of my family. You have gotten rid of my siblings and now you should pay the price.”

I knew I couldn’t fight this fight alone. So I used my friendship stone to call Arlen. He picked up immediately. “Yes?” He said.

“Please port to me and help me defeat the Jade Oni.” I begged.

“An Oni! Of course I will help.” He yelled. And in a flash of blue light Arlen, a grandmaster myth wizard was standing next to me. Together we took down the Jade Oni. I was buffing his attacks as he was summoning creatures with ease. It was the longest fight I ever had, but eventually we defeated the Jade Oni.

After the battle the emperor rose to his feet and thanked me for all I had done. Then he gave me a new wand, one made out of the Tree Of Life’s twigs when it was poisoned. I love my new wand. I went back through the spiral door and ended up in Wizard City.

I walked into Merle Ambrose’s house and told him what happened. He thanked me and said I was free to go. ”That’s it!” I yelled. “I just saved an entire world and all you did is say thank you? Next time ask Mindy Pixiecrown to do it. On second thought, she would probably forget her spell book. I guess I am the right person for the job, sorry I yelled” He said nothing and moved his fingers to signal me out of his house. I left and went back to my dorm. I had enough adventure for the day.


So what did you think? Hope you liked it. Leave a comment telling me if you did or didn't. AAHHHHH!!! Blogger stop being so weird! It keep making all of my words mixed and makes them bold and italicized. That's it from me!

-Jacob Thundersword
The Gobblitertor

Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, I won't even tell you where I have been for the past few weeks because I know you can guess it. In case you can't, the answer is school and applications for high school. While I was doing this I was thinking...I haven't given a proper update on my blog in a while. So, this post is supposed to catch you all up in the Thundersword business. (no pictures because you know how I feel about those)

I think we last left off at the Drake Hatchery. Well I finished that in about a hour because I was so exited about playing again. and because all it consists is you talking to three people and defeating one or two bosses, easy. But I think you have to go back later so I can't say anything yet. Then we go onto the Crucible.

So this is where I got scarecrow. I liked this kind of layout. You have a ring of bosses surrounding another boss. But I got to the life one and was just stuck. After a while of waiting I found a person who had to defeat the life boss and took her(?) down.

It was smooth sailing for there on. Except the side quest. I think this is the side quest chain that took the longest for me. I wanted to fight certain mobs and not others so I had to time it just right since the moved at different speeds. LOTS of thinking on my part.

After that was done I took week break because I didn't want to do the Labyrinth AND because I didn't have the time. Eventualy I did it with the help of a friend who needed to do it too. About 1/3 of the way through my dad says it is time to eat! I was freaking out because I didn't want to lose my progress in the place. So my friend stayed while I ate and I came back when he was 2/3 of the way done. THANK YOU FRIEND!!!

I finished it with him and went onto the Academy. So far I have not finished the chest quest because I do NOT want to go into the Labyrinth again. SO I need to finish that. I have all of the other chests done, that is just the last one.


So I have started gardening and I like it. I myself think it is a better (or rather an easier) add on than pets. Because personally I dislike the whole 'pet minigames' thing. I do not like leveling pets, I think it takes to long and is is such a time drainer. However, gardening does take up a lot of energy but it takes less time than leveling up. I just have to check on them about twice a day and I get BIG rewards.

I am so far a level 5 gardener. I want to have a pink dandelion garden because the can give to black pearls and the are so useful. If I was going for looks I would go with baby carrots. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! *ahem* Sorry, they are very appealing to observe. So I need to get pink dandelions and make my garden.

So I have finished my fan fic. And I will be posting that up within the next week. If I don't you can yell at me via twitter and I will get on that. Warning: I did it in like an hour so don't judge me if it is bad. But I would like feedback, so judge me. ;) I finished it months ago I just never got around to posting it. :(

Also, I will be trying to get my video into better quality so you can actually see it so I will do that when I have time. so two favors, one, what is a good audio recording software. and two, which do you think is better footie pj's or snuggies?

I will try to get back to posting but real life is so time draining. I have school, programs and applications to fill out. I just hope I have the time. I would like to bring back my video of the post so here is the first one. click here, and here, click it!

-Jacob Thundersword
The Gobblitertor