Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, I won't even tell you where I have been for the past few weeks because I know you can guess it. In case you can't, the answer is school and applications for high school. While I was doing this I was thinking...I haven't given a proper update on my blog in a while. So, this post is supposed to catch you all up in the Thundersword business. (no pictures because you know how I feel about those)

I think we last left off at the Drake Hatchery. Well I finished that in about a hour because I was so exited about playing again. and because all it consists is you talking to three people and defeating one or two bosses, easy. But I think you have to go back later so I can't say anything yet. Then we go onto the Crucible.

So this is where I got scarecrow. I liked this kind of layout. You have a ring of bosses surrounding another boss. But I got to the life one and was just stuck. After a while of waiting I found a person who had to defeat the life boss and took her(?) down.

It was smooth sailing for there on. Except the side quest. I think this is the side quest chain that took the longest for me. I wanted to fight certain mobs and not others so I had to time it just right since the moved at different speeds. LOTS of thinking on my part.

After that was done I took week break because I didn't want to do the Labyrinth AND because I didn't have the time. Eventualy I did it with the help of a friend who needed to do it too. About 1/3 of the way through my dad says it is time to eat! I was freaking out because I didn't want to lose my progress in the place. So my friend stayed while I ate and I came back when he was 2/3 of the way done. THANK YOU FRIEND!!!

I finished it with him and went onto the Academy. So far I have not finished the chest quest because I do NOT want to go into the Labyrinth again. SO I need to finish that. I have all of the other chests done, that is just the last one.


So I have started gardening and I like it. I myself think it is a better (or rather an easier) add on than pets. Because personally I dislike the whole 'pet minigames' thing. I do not like leveling pets, I think it takes to long and is is such a time drainer. However, gardening does take up a lot of energy but it takes less time than leveling up. I just have to check on them about twice a day and I get BIG rewards.

I am so far a level 5 gardener. I want to have a pink dandelion garden because the can give to black pearls and the are so useful. If I was going for looks I would go with baby carrots. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! *ahem* Sorry, they are very appealing to observe. So I need to get pink dandelions and make my garden.

So I have finished my fan fic. And I will be posting that up within the next week. If I don't you can yell at me via twitter and I will get on that. Warning: I did it in like an hour so don't judge me if it is bad. But I would like feedback, so judge me. ;) I finished it months ago I just never got around to posting it. :(

Also, I will be trying to get my video into better quality so you can actually see it so I will do that when I have time. so two favors, one, what is a good audio recording software. and two, which do you think is better footie pj's or snuggies?

I will try to get back to posting but real life is so time draining. I have school, programs and applications to fill out. I just hope I have the time. I would like to bring back my video of the post so here is the first one. click here, and here, click it!

-Jacob Thundersword
The Gobblitertor


  1. Lots of Pink Dandelion drops in KT bosses if you have time :). I can help you w/the Labyrinth anytime, as a quick Myth wizard. I like snuggies but never tried footie PJ's, btw :P

  2. Dude that is awesome. Welcome back!

  3. Oh my god!
    your blog is so good! I love how you make an ordinary wizard101 life sound so awesome! I love how you write, and all the details you manage to fit in. I myself was thinking about making a wizard101 blog, but I'll just stick with reading yours:) I'm level 31, and i would love to be friends with you, but it would be to complicated trying to find you. Anyway, I'm looking forward to your next blog, and writing you another comment:) Well, that's it, so BYE!