Friday, July 30, 2010


Well in game I have Just started Kishibe Village. It's a nice place. Location is nice(waterfall), so are the people. Plus the quest-line so far has been easy. Vist this shrine, defeat them, purify shrine...done. That's as far as I know.

I had the best few days ever! I went swimming for four hours straight. I love swimming and I haven't gone the whole summer till that. Except, I didn't ware sunscreen so I got burnt.

But the next day my burn became a tan. Plus I get to go to San Diego this weekend. Can't wait. Then after that I have to go to school. I have been waiting to go to school.

Enter my contest! Enter my contest! Enter my contest! Enter my contest! Sorry, so hyper right now.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I AM a dragon!!!

I am fully healed from my illness. Yay! Now I can get to posting and playing. I haven't been up to anything in-game, I haven't played in the past few days. I decided I am going to give up on my story of the "War Oni" because it makes me become behind on posts.

What I "have" been up to. In the main story line I have just finished the War Oni,so now I am headed off to the Cave of Solitude. Right when I entered the cave I pretty-munch knew that I had to start the Mossback quests. I have heard that you have to do them in order. I have also heard only life students have to do them. Then I have heard that they can mess you up from entering instances. so I have no clue what those quests are or how they relate to me.

I decided to do them anyway. The Cave of Solitude was just like any other place, a main quest line and two other side quest, the usual. The only thing that bothered me was the "cave" itself.

The moving between platforms is not my strong point. The first time I tried to pass it I got attacked. It took me three tries to get pass the first two islands. Then one more try to get pass the next three. After the first time to-and-fro, I never got attacked again.

I beet the bosses got the staff pieces and all that.

I really liked the story line for that part of Mooshu. It's just so cool how you get all of staff together then try to stop the water from becoming bad. Just such a cool story line.

My new favorite word is besieging. The definition: surrounded by hostile forces. Sentence: "We need to get past the besieging enemy in order so save ourselves" said the warrior. Reason it's my favorite: It just sounds cool. who wouldn't want to know that word.

Don't forget to enter my contest. Ends Monday at 8:00 am eastern. Send your entry to

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

P.S. The reason for this title is because me and my friend always have fights over who is the real dragon. We are so silly(cool).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sickness = Let Down

I can't post right now because I fell really sick. I will try to post as soon as I get better. I am a death wizard I am not supposed to be Humongofroging. I just hope I get better.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Friday, July 23, 2010

War Oni ( The Second Or Fourth Battle)

The third part of my ongoing story. This is were I fight the Jade Oni with help. Don't read it till you have read the other two parts. Special prize: I mad it to level forty, now I can use all of the wands that I have, and new gear.
Everybody was hesitant to go into battle with the Jade Oni. I don't blame them, his 7,500 health is not something you should sneeze at, nether are his attacks. I decided that since I didn't NEED to beat the Jade Oni I could save some of there health if I go in first, so I did.

The first turn the Oni attacked. But it wasn't on me it was on another teammate. I was fearful for if that happened to much my job was useless. Throughout the battle the Jade Oni never once attacked me, only my teem. I decided that I would be support then.
My schools are death and life, so I can boost attacks or heal them. We eventually brought him down to half of his original health.

The person in the eye spot was the Oni's favorite person to attack. But I had my necklace witch gave a guiding light spell that increased my satyr heal by 40%. I healed him back to almost max. The fight lasted but eventually we won.

I didn't get anything from the fight except for a new badge to show off. click it to zoom in.

Now I am on to do more quests.
That's it for today. Don't forget to enter my contest. Look at my new tittle.

So happy about that. Come back Monday for more. I will be gone this weekend so no posting or playing for me. My school year start on the second so once that rolls around, expect less posts.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Thursday, July 22, 2010

War Oni (Part Two)

Well here is another part of my story. I think instead of part one and part two I will give them names like, The Battle or The Epilogue. Don't reed this unless you have read part one.
After my victory in the battle verses the War Oni. I went to get the empower spell. After that I went back to Mooshu so I could work on the new section of the world that I have unlocked.

Then I figured out that I had to get health and mana. I waited in the 'commons' of Mooshu while catching mana wisps. Right when I was done my friend asked if I could help him with the crimson fields. Eventually I told him I could help but I couldn't help for the whole instance(things irl).

I ported to him and helped him on the barricades, maybe one boss, and the battle field. I did summon Yakedo this time so that I could fight him. But I forgot that he has 5,000 health. I was all alone. So I was going to try but things in real life got in the way.

When I logged on the next time I had to collect mana from me fleeing Yakedo. I collected it by the palace. I saw this wizard by the palace entrance unsure whether or not to go in.

I expected him to straight from Marlybone, because you have to go in there for a early quest. I went in with him so he would finish his quest. Inside two of his friends ported to us. I said to myself why? As I walked up the slope I remembered why I didn't want to go up there when I first got to Mooshu. I watched videos of people fighting a hard boss there. Is this why the others are here? For the final boss of Mooshu. The Jade Oni. Right in front of me.

That's all, you have to wait for tomorrow for some more. Don't forget to enter my contest. Enter the contest please.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

War Oni (part one)

Well yesterday I tried the Crimson Fields by myself. The beginning seemed quite easy. Just defeating some monsters and small bosses. I wanted to fight Yakedo but I knew I couldn't solo that boss. So I just went to fight Warlord Katsumori. I almost died in that battle because he used a Helephant on me. I was lucky and anticipated the move so I healed myself the turn before. I took him out with a beefed up skeletal pirate.

I knew what will happen next. Katsumori turned into (spoiler alert!) the War Oni. In this battle I knew I would have to protect myself from his big hits so on the first turn I used the two pips I had to summon a minion. This minion did little damage to his 2,000 health. He then used a Firezilla on my minion witch was astonishing. my minion saved me from a whole bunch of damage.

I took damage as he took damage so eventually I had to heal myself. I tried to use my Satyr spell but it fizzled! Healing spells used to be 100% now they are 90%. I heard of this update but I never went to see if it was true.

I still won. I finished three quest after defeating him. I got my empower spell.

I finished the instance and beat that section of the game.I have more to tell but you will have to wait for tomorrow.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Forgot to mention in contest post

I think I didn't make the criteria for the entry's quite clear. You can do one that's funny OR good content OR cool. You can also make it a combination of all 3. Or just two.

The smart, yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

First Contest Ever!

The reason for this contest that I am starting is because: One, This is my fortieth post. Two, I am coming in to 400 page views. Three, I am almost level forty. Intrigued by the last one? I am to.

Yesterday I decided to finish up all of the side quests I have. One. This quest I put off because it required you to defeat 8 life monsters(?) plus two more later. When I tried it before they put death shield after death shield, just to hard. This time I decided to try it again. They only put up two death shields throughout the entire quest-line. I gained a level witch also came with the quest for the spell empower.

Anyway the contest, right. The prize of the contest is anything in the crowns shop worth 3500 crowns or less. You can only get one item. The way you win this contest is by sending in a picture or a section of writing that is: A.funny B.nice to read or see C. just plain cool(see four post down). The entry must be Wizard 101 related.

Winners will be chosen on the second of July. Once you win I will set up a time in-game with you so I can give it to you. You MUST include what you want from the crowns store in your entry. All must be sent via e-mail to

That's it I think. Just remember that you must work hard to win this contest.
(I want a catch phrase that I can put before my name. Think of one in the comments)
-Jacob Thundersword

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Was I Gone All Week, With Pictures (Of Cake)

I was gone for over a week and for that I am sorry. I went out of town as I do almost every weekend. But then it was a family member's birthday so I went over to a different town. Then I remembered that it was another family member's birthday and that they lived in the same household. I decided to stay for the week. But I didn't stay there and do nothing wizard 101 related.... I made a wizard 101 cake.

The cake was supposed to look like my in game staff. But I forgot what it looked like so I made this(pictures are bad quality):

On the top I made the world door connect to the other mini circles on the end with pyramids (Kroc), trees (Wizard City), waves (Celestia), clock towers(Marlybone). On the staff part of it I made every primary school(not sun, moon or star) out of fondant. My family member made a Mario mushroom. The dots are the wrong color because we ran out of supplies.

Petnome Project is now officially open! It opened today. Just go to this link here. Ravenwood Radio was on last week. I missed it.
Now that I actually have wings of my own I like how they tilt. But I do have one suggestion for the game. Can we please have seven wizards on one account. I want to have wizards in every school but right now I can only do that on two accounts.

I know I have been putting off those house pictures. That's because I don't like putting pictures in my post. It's a hassle. I have all the house pictures ready but there are so many. I might get around to it. Also I am thinking about doing a contest. One that isn't random. I want something that people actually worked on. Ideas? Writing, pictures? The prize will be anything in the crowns shop that's 3500 and under. More details tomorrow.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I am gone this weekend so I won't be bloging or playing wizard 101. Sorry. Besides I won't be able to enjoy the new update because I am not level 50. To bad I can't finish Crimson Fields. Anyway, it slipped my mind and I am sorry.
-Jacob Thundersword

So Exited Right Now

First of all Kingsisle has put the test realm in to the live realm. How ever Celestia will not require you to do the pre-quests in order to gain entry to the world. Find the full set of information in the Update Notes. That's all I can think of in the way of news, so on to what I have been doing in game.

Wand Cast 7 was going on yesterday. I went! If you don't know Wand Cast is a podcast hosted by three different blogers. David Titanrider, Dustin Mooncatcher and Kestrel Shadowthistle. Anny way they talked about the test realm and update anything about wizard 101 that they haven't said on a previous podcast. They did this while the chatroom were talking about nonsense. They did hold a contest for some Swiftshadow Wings, and I WON!!! I just want to say thank you you three for giving me those. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now that I have the wings I kind of like the tilting thing. Here is a picture of the after party they held.

Now that I don't have to spend crowns on a winged mount I can start the crimson field. I have been working on my fire alt Luke Spiritgiver and have raised his pet a level and finished some side quest he left back in wizard city. He's in Krokotopia right now, the pyramid of the sun. I finished the quest that needed me to get all of the books about each school that are scattered across the city. I had to fight some amount of bosses. How ever I didn't have to fight the fire boss in Fireglobe Theater. I just got on the bleachers and walked around to the back, went back down, read the book and left. Good for my alt because he is fire and fights vs. your own school are somewhat hard. I did get a four in one bonus after my fight with Nightshade to get the death book. One, I got a new necklace. Two, I got a new badge. Three, a new spell. And four, level up.

I have more to share but I am getting tired of typing so, goodbye.
-Jacob Thundersword

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Didn't Live Up To Expectations

I didn't do any quest yesterday. I am disappointed in myself. I have been meaning to finish the tomb of the beguiler quest, I just haven't had the time to. I did get Lord Lexi to get to 45/500 in just 7 games.

If I keep This up I could get Lord Lexie to ancient in 11-12 days. But I had the best idea last Friday. Who remembers this picture from March?

Low quality picture. sorry.

I has the idea that because the crab pet came out and you can buy a pink Piggle and Farm for a mander you can make this picture realty. really! Wouldn't that be so cool. I would so keep that picture on my blog if I ever see It come out. If you do manage to pull it off, in the right order just e-mail me it. I so want that picture.
-Jacob Thundersword

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Now What?

I would tell you whats happening in the wizard would but I don't fell like posting a long one so I'll just say go to one of those websites over there ->. They will probably have it.

Now that I got as far as I want to go in Mooshu while still saving crowns I think I have to start farming or start leveling my pets. I will probably go back to doing quest on Friday. I also can finish up that one instance I left back in Krokotopia. Might as well.

So I think I will level my dragon that I got from a gift card, Lord Lexi. After that my ice cat because that cat has 52(0) pedigree right now. Then Sir Misty my danger-hound so I can get a ghost hound. I can get a ghost hound right now but I want to wait till he is adult or ancient.

Today I will finish up that one instance and work on my pet(s). That's all. Oh wait watch the Warehouse run that Kevin Battleblood made on the test realm. The real run starts around 46minites in.

Oh and I'm back from my trip. I go on one almost every weekend. Just noticed that. I will be going out of town this weekend also. That's It.
-Jacob Thundersword

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sorry, Again, For The How Mannyith Time

I have to go way out of town this Friday-late Monday so I won't be posting or playing.
I am sorry but I won't be posting. I go on so many trips I feel bad.
The sorriest Necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Over a gift?!

In game I have been doing Mooshu quest. And I got as far as I can while saving 7,000 crowns for a mount. I know I shouldn't get one but on my birthday I got 10,00 plus my 4,000 something I had. I deserve that mount. Anyway I was doing quests in Mooshu. Before I was there I was thinking of the plot-line of the game and I just couldn't figure out why you have to go to Mooshu, now I Know.

On my way through Mooshu I had to battle lots of enemy. Instead of the usual 4 in Marlybone you have to fight 8. This can be a real pain if there is a life enemy because I am a necromancer and they put up death shields right when I attack. The did that 3 times. I picked my spell that is supposed to defeat then then they put up a shield right before my turn.

Anyway your first fight in Mooshu is for the "test of body". you must fight this boss who is pretty easy since he has no minions. As you can see here.

I know its a leprechaun fighting but before that I almost destroyed him with a skeletal pirate. After you beat him you try to speak to the emperor but he is ill. so you go help with the war in Hametsu Village. Here there is a lot of ninja pigs.

In Hametsu Village there are 5 people on your side. 3 of them are sheep, 1 samoorai (pun) ox then 1 goat. The sheep look so cool. I want a sheep transformation potion.

Back on topic. The quests were simple, somewhat. And there was only two bosses to battle Do-Daga and Sergeant Groostak.

If you take the road from Hametsu Village and the Jade Palace you can see the edge of the road.

See on the right it's all blue. that's the edge. After Hametsu Village you go to the Tatakai Outpost. On my way to the outpost I encountered yet another glitch of the road.

As you can see the road ends with a circle of nothing. In the Tatakai Outpost you have to defeat all of these earth walkers and horses and pigs. Did I tell you the teleporters look really cool in Mooshu?

In Tatakai Outpost you have to make a distraction for your friend and guess what the distraction is. Setting things aflame.

You also have to cut off the enemy's supply lines so you have to defeat the supply runners who are very strong fire pigs.

That was a 946 hit. But I blocked about 400 of it with a spirit armor. still over 500 damage takes it's toll. I still won. anyway I made it past the Tatakai Outpost with only two side quests. Now I'm on the crimson fields witch I won't do till I get more crowns. Plus the reason for the whole war is because the emperor refuse this guys gift.

I'll show you my house pictures tomorrow, there already to many pictures in this post.
-Jacob Thundersword