Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So Italy was an amazing trip. It was the first time I have ever been on a plane. I would love to share every detail with you about it, but I rather not type 10 pages. I will just give you some small details.

Day 1: Wake up at 4:30 to get to airport. Stopped in Atlanta for a transfer. Day ended on a plane to Rome.

Day 2: Got to Rome around 6. Took a short walk around the Spanish Steps and got on a bus to go to a hotel in Assisi.

Day 3: Visited 2 chapels and took long walk around my 2nd favorite city. Assisi is BUTIFUL! Got on a bus to a hotel in Tuscany.

Day 4: Drove to Florence. Florence is crowded and has lots of stores. Climbed up El Duomo. Took tour of Florence. Went to The Academy to see 'THE' David. Went back to hotel.

Day 5: Drove to San Gimignano a medieval town. Best town ever, my favorite, it's BEAUTIFUL and relaxing. Walked around the whole town. Drove to hotel in Rome.

Day 6: Took tour of Pantheon 'the' Colosseum, and the Forum. Went back to hotel.

Day 7: Took tour of the Vatican City. Saw the Sistine (not sixteenth) chapel and more. Went back to hotel.

Day 8: Went to airport and got on plane to New York. Flight back home got canceled and had to stay in hotel in NY.

Day 9: woke up at 4:30 to get to airport and get on flight back home. Got home that same day.

That is the tale of Italy. Now onto the stroke of knowledge I got while in Rome.

You know how every plane in Wizard 101 is based of a place in real life. KT on Egypt, MB on old London and so fourth. I never knew what DS was based off of. While in Rome we went to a place called the Forum. In Florence we went to a place called The Academy.

In the game there is Dragonspyre Academy. In this place is a statue in the center of the section. That statue is based of of 'The David' in the Italian 'Academy'. The Roman Forum was destroyed and was later used for building materials for buildings. It is now in ruins. The Forum in Wizard 101 is in ruins. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

There are more things that can relate Italy to DS but I don't want to go into detail. I probably was one of the last to know this, but it is cool to see the things kingsisle based parts of their game off of in real life. I am glad I found out this information. Hoped you learned something.

See you in the spiral,
Jacob Thundersword
-The Gobblitertor

oh, I forgot. I am guessing the countdown to be a epic April fools joke.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Spiders... they are the bane of my wizard existence. Even since Marlybone they have been messing with me. I made a short post about the shenanigans (It was like the second post ever). But of course the only schools spiders can be are my least favorite schools to fight, life and ice. Life puts death shield after death shied and ice throws down tower after tower. As one of my favorite people would say... "GAAAAMMME!".

Now that I am in high level DS I have to deal with spiders, and more spiders. The Crystal grove would be AMAZING and my favorite place, but it has spiders. If it had death spiders it would be a little better but ICE! Trying to defeat six of them for one quest, then that again, then that again is just..obnoxious. I love the art in The Crystal Grove but the spiders are just wired. They are half your size and are hairy and somehow learned magic. But I do love the game so...

In short spiders are annoying, gross and magical while glowing crystals are beautiful.


On another note, I am going to Italy tomorrow! I will be there for a week. I will come back with an overview and many posts about Wizard101. As long as school doesn't interfere.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am finally on my spring break. You know what that means...GAME TIME. I get the whole week off. And next Monday I get to take my 8th grade class trip to.....ITALY!!! Yes I will be gone for more then a week in another country. That's why I have been gone, my class and I have been making the final arrangements for this trip.

I know I said that I would be hosting a party, but I decided to call it off. It was my Wizaniversary (or however it is spelled). I just don't think I want to celebrate it. Anyway, another reason I was gone is because I was working on a secret special project. BUT, my siblings think it is funny to get on my computer without me seeing and deleting stuff. So, that went down the drain.

I promise to play this week. I have to take some time off to pack, but I will still be in the spiral.

See you in the spiral,
Jacob Thundersword
-The Gobblitertor
P.S. Happy half-Tau Day!! I don't celabrate 'Pi' day.