Sunday, March 20, 2011


Spiders... they are the bane of my wizard existence. Even since Marlybone they have been messing with me. I made a short post about the shenanigans (It was like the second post ever). But of course the only schools spiders can be are my least favorite schools to fight, life and ice. Life puts death shield after death shied and ice throws down tower after tower. As one of my favorite people would say... "GAAAAMMME!".

Now that I am in high level DS I have to deal with spiders, and more spiders. The Crystal grove would be AMAZING and my favorite place, but it has spiders. If it had death spiders it would be a little better but ICE! Trying to defeat six of them for one quest, then that again, then that again is just..obnoxious. I love the art in The Crystal Grove but the spiders are just wired. They are half your size and are hairy and somehow learned magic. But I do love the game so...

In short spiders are annoying, gross and magical while glowing crystals are beautiful.


On another note, I am going to Italy tomorrow! I will be there for a week. I will come back with an overview and many posts about Wizard101. As long as school doesn't interfere.


  1. Have a lot of fun in Italy! For those Ice Spiders, I would have to suggest blades and Poison because of those possible Tower Shields. Try to stick with a small deck for mobs :)

  2. Ah, the Ice Spiders.Yes, to a Necromancer, a combo of Life and Ice is a frustrating thing, indeed. Even now, in Celestia, I find myself facing that same combination, and it never gets less frustrating. However, they are no match for the mightiest magic of all: perseverance.