Monday, March 14, 2011


I am finally on my spring break. You know what that means...GAME TIME. I get the whole week off. And next Monday I get to take my 8th grade class trip to.....ITALY!!! Yes I will be gone for more then a week in another country. That's why I have been gone, my class and I have been making the final arrangements for this trip.

I know I said that I would be hosting a party, but I decided to call it off. It was my Wizaniversary (or however it is spelled). I just don't think I want to celebrate it. Anyway, another reason I was gone is because I was working on a secret special project. BUT, my siblings think it is funny to get on my computer without me seeing and deleting stuff. So, that went down the drain.

I promise to play this week. I have to take some time off to pack, but I will still be in the spiral.

See you in the spiral,
Jacob Thundersword
-The Gobblitertor
P.S. Happy half-Tau Day!! I don't celabrate 'Pi' day.

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