Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time IS So...Late


You do not understand how disappointed I am in me for not putting up a post in... almost Four weeks. I have been so busy IRL. I had to switch schools, Finish all of my homework (there is a LOT), and do other things that don't involve school or Ravenwood. This new school really want's the most it can get out of me, and that's good, I should be giving it my all. That just means less time to play games. But now onto my wizard.

Let's just cut to the chase and say that I got past the Village of Sorrow. I don't want to wast time on that. I do love fighting Oyotomi the Defiler from that place. He is a boss that is all alone and is death so I just need a prism. So I farmed him for my life sword. I love farming him, it's so easy now that I have my level 42 spell. I got my biggest hit ever on him, 3--- I kind of forgot. Oh wait, that's why we have PICTURES!
If you can't see it it says 3978. That's the highest I gotten it to. It can get even higher if I use skeletal pirate witch MIGHT go to a base 510, instead of 500.

Now I have gotten to the Tree of Life witch I wanted help with. The Two headed wizard was going to be such a nice person again and help me with another Oni.

so he helped me on Mycin his storm alt. He knew this instance like a grandmaster knows Unicorn Way. He decided to fight Youkai who has the most health in Mooshu. I wanted to fight him too so I went inside. We won that fight. Mycin did most of the attacking because he is storm. I got the "Sword Saint" badge witch I like.

Next we went to the Death Oni. We had to make a portal around the actual tree of life. This is what that dreaded Death Oni did to the tree of life, that horrible...person?

Here is the portal we made by stabbing the tree of life with a short-blade. This is a child game? Just kidding, it's just a tree.

Then to fight the Oni in his hidden form. Mycin was already there because I was taking the screen-shots.

What he changes his form! oh wait all of the other Onis did that, so predictable.

This is he beat. I can't remember who had the last hit.

Our conversations make no sense. Like this right HERE. I love those guys(and girl) they always have good songs. But they are no longer on television, *sad face*. I will have one of there videos in every post for a while, or other funny songs in links.

Anyway, the Oni No Death has been defeated. Mycin wanted to fight Youkai again and I had to go fight some spiders because of Oakheart. At least that was the last Oakheat quest.

Now he asked wanted me to meet him in his dojo. with I wouldn't of be able to find if I hadn't had the giant arrow telling me.

That is why I love the game. things like that. you can meet them all in one place, it is just so AWESOME SAUCE!!

Now to go beat the Jade Oni. I got some help from this low level wizard, but he helped a lot and I am extremely grateful for that. We actually defeated him twice. the first time I forgot to speak to the king. So we had to go in again and defeat him..her?

I had to go fight Cyrus Drake, witch was pretty fun.

He has less health then other bosses in Mooshu. I don't see how he isn't defeated already.

YES!! I feel as if I can RULE THE EARTH... ur.. I mean Help the earth by stopping the ex-death teacher. This is what I see after going through that spiral door.

That's impressive. A giant dragon to greet me to the new world. They know how to make a wizard feel welcome.

That's all in Thundersword news so now we have to go the party and blogging news.

First off Arlen Dawneyes, Kestrel Shadowthistle, and Blaze Silverfist are holding a party. The CAST A CHANGE party!

Blaze made that photo, and it's awesome. Go visit this blog post on all of the information for that party. Save your transformations for it, I already used mine.

I found out about this new blog that just came out today. STORIES OF THE SPIRAL. They seen really cool, and I added them to my blog roll. Remember to check them out.

Now for recent (or not) parties.

These were all at the RR after party.

So many people!!

Friendly sighting!

Kestrel sighting!

Arlen sighting!

Lesha sighting!

Can you see me?

My brother, I have found you!

That's all from me today. I will try to post more often.

The smart yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Monday, August 9, 2010


I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a while(well a week). I am loaded with homework from school, trying to switch schools and freaking about Halloween (My family dose that early), all in all I have been pretty busy. That doesn't mean I can't play the best game in the world!

I have played so much on the weekend. Usually I don't play or blog or be "active" during that part of the week, but school has started and I needed some relaxing time. I also have PLENTY of pictures to show you.

Well, I have gotten to the Yoshihito Temple and the Ancient Burial Grounds.
Me In Front Of Cow

The Ancient Burial Grounds is a easy place, besides all of the life monsters. I loved the layout of this part of the game. It looks like Newgate Prison from the map, but the area is MUCH easier to navigate.

I am tired of all of mossback's quests. Go fight TEN of these monsters then a boss. That get boring Sir. Moss. Not to mention that half of the monsters are life, who put up death shields.

The 2 best things about this place is that; 1, It's a beefed up version of Unicorn Way. With skeletal pirates and dark fairies(?). 2, You get to go through a portal.

I became level forty two, so that means a new spell...WRAITH!

I finally get to use it!

Now all I need to do Is get scarecrow.

The whole reason you here is so you can get a Spirit Cage to hold a spirit that will help you cross a river.

YAY! now I'm done with that part. Time to get the spirit to put into that cage.

MORE TOMORROW!!! Or later. I have plenty more pictures to share, and some glitches.

The lazy yet productive necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is It Purified Yet?...No.Is It Purified Yet?....NO. Is It Purified Yet?...YES!

Sorry I haven't been posting in almost a week. School has been taking up so much time. I have to take a major test tomorow and I took another test today. That hasn't stopped me from playing the best game in the world!

I have finally finished up all of the quests in Kishibe Village. I am tired of Mossback making me fight Diseased Water Spirits. Once I finished that The Two-headed Wizard offered to help me fight the Plague Oni in Shirataki Temple.

He was on Mycin. Because he was farming for the life scarab, he just came out of that instance. It took us a while to figure out how to let both of us in there while still having it reset. I figured out that both of the people have to have it unlocked and the person who just finished the instance presses 'X' first the the new one to the instance presses it. In layman's terms: old first, then new.

He knew that instance like the back of his hand. He was crossing the road every few steps (not being attacked), didn't stop to use things (went really quick), and knew exactly what to do. I could barely keep up with him.

We finished the first minor battles easily enough. He kept using storm attacks and killed then quicker then I ever could. When we got to Wavebringer, that was a fun battle. My compainon killed both of them as long as I can remember.

I got a pet. A Lightning Bat. From Wavebringer. On my first try. They said I was lucky.

He may not be the best pet, but he is still a good one. After that I went to fight the Plague Oni.

The Plague Oni wasn't very intimidating because I had two grandmasters on my side. Yes two, Mycin's friend came to help.

Mycin took out the Plague Oni, and I took out his minion. Look at this picture I took after The battle.

That was taken at the fountain behind him.

That's all. Don't forget to go to Two-head's party when it happens!

The smart yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword

Monday, August 2, 2010

(Insert Title)

Well sorry I didn't post lately. I wan in San Diego. Plus real school started so I couldn't post this morning. I have a 'lot' to say.

First off from what I've heard the all star meet and greet was a success. Although the port bus was a little late it still was fun by almost all peoples standers. There was a tower where a select few got to go into. That was to keep mobs away. Almost everyone had fun. Almost. Some people didn't like it. That's there fault they didn't have fun.

Then later on The Two Headed Wizard is going to host a party. I hope this party is going to be a success, this is why I am trying to spread the word. Come one, come all. This needs to be great.

As you all know I have been holding a contest. The contest is now over and the winner will be announced.

No one

No one entered my contest. It wasn't that hard. If someone just entered in a screen-shot of them fighting a wooden golem would of won. BECAUSE THEY ENTERED SOMETHING! But no, no one even did that. Oh well. Now I can spend the crowns on myself.

I have been redecorating my house in game. It's turning out nice. I have my graveyard in one part and my trees in another. then I have my pets guarding the world gate. Inside I have crafting on the second level and other thing on the bottom.

Still bummed that no one entered my contest.

The smart yet flammable necromancer
-Jacob Thundersword